Saturday, January 21, 2006

US India and Tamilnadu

One drive from Villiwakkam to Greams road can easily tell you

"The TN Govt is getting ready for the elections....."

BTW, the Vijayakanth in me woke up and did some math (actually copied) from

Here's what we got. Just look at the highlighted ones..
Click on pic for bigger view.

In US 14 people are born and 8 die, per 1000 population. 25:8 in India. That explains what ? People live longer in India ?

People below 15 is 21 in US and 36 in India. But people above 65 is 12 in US and 4 in India. That explains what ? People in India die early ?

India is less than Half the size of America, and we have 869 people per square mile, unlike 80 in the US.

We need more space ... ?


Adaengappa !! said...

so.....Unga vote ammavukka ??

revatechnic said...

Keerthi... one vijayakanth is enough keerthi.. seriously..

Prabu Karthik said...

>>We need more space ... ?

hey hey idhenna hard disk space a? innoru 80gb vangi poda?

there r three levels of lies keerthi. Lies, Damn lies and Stats like this.

keerthi said...

pk.. appo idhellam unmai illannu solreengala ?