Wednesday, February 15, 2006

For those who Didnt know !

Internet Explorer is back with a bang ! IE 7.0 Beta is available for download.

It clearly imitates Firefox in most of the aspects. And feels good. The UI is uncluttered and most of the Bars are missing. Even the Classic Menu Bar is customizable for appearance. The Zoom feature (including Picture Zoom) is now available on IE 7 Beta. I wanted this on Firefox (Firefox only does Text Zoom).

The Search Bar is placed next to the Address Bar, very much like Firefox and Opera, and a neat customization of that Bar is available. You are free to choose your Search plugins. I never saw IE offer so much. Ever. Microsoft's got the ideas from the right guys this time.

You can take a Tour of the new Internet Explorer 7 Beta Here.

Or you can download it directly from here.

WARNING : It may not install on your current Service pack version. Please check the pre-requisities before installing or downloading.. (11 MB Download).


thennavan said...

It has already caused some problems at work for some people and I was troubleshooting it today (corrupted one of those registry entries that deals with URL redirection in Outlook).

Jeevan said...

Keerthi it will work on Windows 98?

Chakra Sampath said...

Good abt IE7.

Normally, I tend to wait for few mths before downloading any of the IE versions coz of some past bad experience. Will wait & watch.

Vanathi said...

Informative one...

Anonymous said...

Hey sorry for the digression,i thought u'd be posting that pic u had taken with Kamal,and seems like ure delaying it,Awaiting Eagerly....plssss

Karthikeyan Muthurajan said...

MS will get thoughts of others and simply use them in their products..right from the begining..But the big positive point they have is GUI..Doing everything with GUI which will increase lazy among users.. I too love MS and its products..NO other way in learning new things...

keerthi said...

mukundan, really ? It hasnt caused me any problem so far... let me check out.. However, im placing my bets on IE. It is here to rule..

jeevan, I dont think so.. hey, i remember you installed XP ?

chakra, thats a good practice..

vanathi, of course it is..

savi, Sure.. ill post it this weekend. :)

karthikeyan, "Doing everything with GUI which will increase lazy among users"... Well, you want my dad to mount D: everytime before he wants to hear MS Subbulakshmi ?

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Thank you very much.
I've downloaded it. Let's see how it goes.!