Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Foreign Chocolates

How does dream smell like ? I am not sure, if feelings have smell. Aargh ! Whatever, but right now, my dreams have a fragrance. Diary rich Hershey's Black Milk Chocolate. Subbi mama (subbi mami's husband) will land in tomorrow morning. Like every year, we will visit him. All my happiness will await detonation, till the Samsonite is burst open, and an Aroma of chocolate boxes(not chocolates) fill the room. Im addictive to anything chocolaty !!
This year chocolate bag was no different. Same M&Ms, Snickers, Hersheys, Crackles and one Giant Nestle premium pack chocolate. Slrrrupp !! Of course, there were some electronic gadgets, and some board games and picture dictionaries for me. Wonder what makes them think, those will interest me. hmm.
I hate mom. She will split the packets, and give to next door and few other relatives. Only a few will remain..
chandru mami came home. she was given foreign chocolates. My share was considerably reducing. I am in this half-adoloscent. Too old to fight for it in front of them.. they liked me being possessive, when I was a kid.. but the world has changed a lot now.. the way it behaves with me.

She ate all the chocolates on the plate, and then came the comment. "idhellam namma Food worldlaye kidaikkudhe..."

Is it true ? oh.. may be. I was at Food World once, but was left with the Security.. they feared that I would make a mess inside. But from where i saw, there were lots of colors. All chocolates would have been there.
Dad came home. I wanted to show him I was upset. So, i made sure i was seen, and kept a long face. Did you know this technique works well.. it is simple.. just be upset, and make sure you are noticed.. your prayers will be answered :) So was mine..

Dad took me to Food World, and I found all the chocolates Subbi mama brought.. everything. The Chocolate boxes didnt smell the way the usual boxes smell. But they were the same brands and flavours.. I was floating.. I won these because i was upset.. Cool, this works.
From then on, I got a lot of Hersheys, whenever mom went to Food World. They were no more interesting.
Next Year

Subbi mama is coming tomorrow.
Samsonite was open, and the aroma filled the room.

I wanted to feel unmoved. But then a sudden surge of excitement came in. Wow ! Foreign Chocolates..... :)


Prabhu said...

Hmm..Nothing tastes like "balli muttai"..Whaddya say ?

None said...

:) i was wondering how less attractive these treats have become in a software world, when EVERYONE is going abroad.


keerthi said...

prabhu, vaasthavam dhaan ..Balli muttai.. kamarkatt.. all these are extinct to this generation.. Hmm..

ramya, EVERYONE ? Really ?

WA said...

Did you have to talk about chocolates, when I've given up :(( This is so unfair :(( But yeah, i remember the days

Me too said...

Every time the cupboard (where I've hidden the chocolates) is opened, my daughter comes running to ask, 'Chocolate eppo saapadlaam?'!!
BTW, everytime someone comes from India, we wonder 'namakku edhavadhu sweet varuma??'!!

keerthi said...

uma, Given up chocolates... You are a divine soul ! You renounce the ultimate pleasure on earth. Whaw ! I felt that when you wrote it on your blog.. Hmm.

aparna, BTW... you guys still like Sri Krishna Sweets' Mysorepa ? I know many packs fly to US.. but i thnk its kind of bored to get many of those.. I heard they are opening up branches in the US.. :)