Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Im searching my soul ! What the heck !

Why do people get Crazy when it comes to name things, and even crazier when they want to give it a caption ?

For the past few days, I've been digesting and spitting a few titles of Blogs, and their Sub-titles. Most of the Indian Blogs have impressive Titles, URLs and Captions. Only it gets boring to follow a very similar theme.

Most of Indians, as understood from the Titles and Captions, seem to be searching their inner self through blogs. Without variance, their profiles will carry words like "Confused 24 year old Desi"..."Im a puzzled planeterian trying to find the meaning of life"... " Everything about nothing and nothing about everything.".... "Join me in My journey in searching my inner soul.."

Whew ! There are a lots more.. just accelerate your Blog-hopping, and you will find more such Here-we-go-again titles.

My Manager while taking Induction for the new Software Professionals used to say "Every kid that has learnt Java, comes into the Software company thinking that they are going to program the next Space Shuttle in NASA. Welcome to Ground Reality. Nothing of that sort might happen. You might end-up 20 years of your career with just One program written."

On Similar grounds, with the Surge of Blogs in the Blogosphere, and more and more Indian Bloggers coming out... They all think they are going to be the Next Best Hit Blog. Good thoughts. Congratulations. But the worst part is when they try and name it. They take it way too personal. They name the Blog it very differently. I have to mention the Engineering guys, who come out after all those Symposiums. They name their blogs in a very Sophisticated English. I have seen such blog titles, and thought they were Bengali. :)

And their captions... as i pointed out a few samples on the front.. most of us try to put our characters in the caption, and it hardly reflects the content of the Blog. Now thats my mistake to expect a theme on a blog, and I do not expect that way.

Only that, when you read the Title and Captions, you would start expecting something inside the blog. And you get disappointed reading the content. I understand Blogs dont work that way..

May be I dont deserve to say all this, as I aint perfect either.

Is my blog title just ? Nope.. whats this "Welcome to Your Senses" supposed to mean...? Heck, that yet another "Hey.. look at me.. impressive title, huh !!" kind of ones. (Mine is a News and Commentary blog, and I intend to reflect your feelings... Hence the Title. Did I succeed convincing you ? Man, Im a genius. BTW, Avyukta is the name of the Computer I post on this Blog. Hence the URL.)

Just a small suggestion to the world. When you name something, try to be simple.

PS - I dont intend to hurt anyone's feelings through this post. It is just an early morning Pulambal, and I wanted to break free on this. NO OFFENCE MEANT, AT ALL.


Chakra Sampath said...

that searching the soul thing... i hav felt abt that numerous times in the past... sometimes, i had thot - "cha... namakku indha madhiri ellam paer vekka theriyalaye".

some ppl are so proud in declaring themselves confused.. i wd like to ask them in Thillu Mullu Thenga Srinivasan style "idhula enna perumai?"

btw, on coming across this blog my first thots were "amarkalama paer vechirukaan pullayandaan.. super aa ezhudhuvaan pola irukku".. :)

keerthi said...

chakra, Pullayandan nalla ezhudaraana illaya ? therialaye :)

Chakra Sampath said...

unakenna raaasa... dhinam dhinam kalakariye..

Me too said...

"Most of Indians, as understood from the Titles and Captions, seem to be searching their inner self through blogs" - Che, ella (porukki) pasangalum namma technique-ke follow panraanga("Ellarum Vaanga" by SVSekar!).

keerthi said...

chakra, :) sarcasticaa yedho sollreenga.. hmm

aparna, aah ! :)

Iris said...

Just let it go yaar :)
They will change when they have to:)
But if it really bugs u, then why dont u post a comment on such blogs about the titles and get it over with ?? :)

keerthi said...

iris, :) .. i really shouldnt be doing that !

Usha said...

Keerthi, they are not all wrong. In the 20s there is something wrong with you if you are not confused and there is something even more wrong with you if you don't start searching. So be easy on them.
In the blog world, we all want to sound impressive and not flippant to make people take the trouble to read us - that may be the second reason for such names.
Nice post.