Friday, February 10, 2006

Mazhai (Rain) II

Those who havent read the story earlier, please do so by clicking here.

3 Weeks Earlier


It is beginning to rain as i approach them. Mom is waving harder, with all smiles on her face. Mom's put on weight. I leave my trolly just like that and rush towards them, as if I didnt care about it.

Sangeetha is wearing an embarassed smile. I can understand that. I compelled her to visit me at Airport.

Whats this ? Rain starts poring heavily over. Whoosh ! Suddenly something.

I turn back, and run towards my trolly... Oh ! My god.. Think pad is geting wet. I grab the trolly, that was naked to rain, and try to accomodate it somewhere. I see a lot of people walking fast (or running) towards a place where there is shade. I walk fast in the same direction pulling along, my trolly.

Huh ! thank heavens.. i find a comfy place and park my trolly there. I dig my hand inside the laptop-carry case, and feel. Nothing wet.. good.

I turn back, and search for Mom and Sangeetha. There they are, not waving anymore.

There they are, Wet.


3 Weeks Later


Mom and I got seats in different rows.. we were the last ones to check in. We didn't care. We werent going to talk over the travel. We are waiting in Gate 3. Many here are upset about the flight's delay, as if something outrageous has happened.

I have 15 more minutes. I open my Think Pad and boot it. As the boot screen appears, the small scratch glitters and reminds . I softly touch and feel it. hmmm... Why didnt she understand....

To be Continued.................


anand said...

thinkpad screen a prandi vittutaala? :O

keerthi said...

appdi dhaan ninaikkiren, anand :)

Iris said...