Friday, February 03, 2006

Mudhugu Photography !

I am a specialist in this kinda photographies. This is a special technique of staying dumb, with a camera waiting for important events to take place, through the view finder.. and Click... Damn ****, some one will come in between the event and the lens, and show their back. This is called "Mudhugu Photography". And people watching the images on the screen (after the function is over) will be guessing, whose back that is.

Today was my sister's Seemandham. And I was the photographer (besides a Handycam videographer, who can get good name by constantly showing the event, even if someone walks in between). The bad part in mini-functions where you dont call a professional photographer is that, we dont get quality pictures of the events.. because we are also busy arranging the Breakfast tables. And most of it, we (the photo takers) are not available in the pictures.

Hmmp.. What will i tell my niece/nephew (think it is niece), when she/he asks me "Mama ! nee enge kaanum... ?"

Woha ! The last sentence took me to a dream world. What do you call that ? Future ?


Prabu Karthik said...


nee parava illa, mudughu vandhirukku.

i have a tale to tell abt my first "function" photography experience.

dharma adi vangama thapichadhu ku oreyuy karanam naan [pona jenmathiley pannina punniyam
will write on it shortly

Me too said...

We call it 'salangai oli' style!! So, Going to be a busy mama soon!! Good luck to your sis!