Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Style Up !

I've been using this for long, but never tried to go out of the box (than the themes that were bundled along with it). Yesterday, hit on a website - ThemeXP.Org, and found an irresistable theme that looked way too impressive.

Here's how it looked on Avyukta.

Click for big.

Style XP Rocks. I understand most of you dont like installing themes, and like it simple. But from time to time, i would like to experiment on my desktop. After all, we feel happy when one fine day we wear a Jigu-Jigu shirt. Illaya ?


Jeevan said...

the player on the screen is for hearing music. nice wall paper.

Nitin said...

yeah, i have been using stylexp for quite sometime. avyukta, also check out some great visual styles on www.customize.org they have some very good ones, u might like.