Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Tolerance or Ignorance ?

You know about the Mohammed Cartoons that are creating Ripples and riots in the society.

Think of that in mind. Think of the Violent Protests happening.
Keep all this in mind and
Click here.

Now, whats that dirty blanket on you ? Tolerance ?


Zero said...

That cartoon made complete sense (I mean, somebody making the fight even and all :)), even if less funny.
Maybe, I am too much of a non-theist and not qualified to comment on this.

Bala (Karthik) said...

I Second Zero... every word.. :)

Moreover, what distinguishes the Danish cartoons is the INTENT

Prabu Karthik said...


i tell you this is kid's stuff when compared to MFH's paintings.

That was outrageous and blasphemous.

I dont think one should be believer in a god and religion to know right and wrong in this issue....

ok. lets agree the cartoon had malicious intent, does that mean buses in hyderabad had to be stoned?

what india got to do with it?.

if religion teaches peace, why there is violence after friday prayers?

soonapaana is talking about intent, perhaps he does not know that one TJS George, a renowned journalist in indian exress had to face the same fate when he merely quoted Dante and said what Dante said was wrong.

Apparently Dante had written something bad abt islam..
ivaru avarai quote panni ipdi eludhinadhu thappu nu sonaar avlo daan. the whol issue was blown out of proportions, Indian express office was ransacked in bangalore.
idhu dhaanreality.

coming to intent,

check this out

those who are snesible should condemn the violence that had happened due to cartoon issue.

check out htt://danielpipes.org and http://www.jihadwatch.com.

its all too easy to brand it right wing. but lets learn to see reality.

Ram.C said...

what about this?