Monday, February 13, 2006

Weekend Perumoochu !

Yesterday was hectic. Today is going to be equally bad.. Tomorrow is going to be, well.. Im a little pessimistic.. so, let me not predict anything. Work is getting on nerves.

It seems as though the week has only three days.
Weekday, Saturday and Sunday
Weekday is however a little bigger than the other in terms of hours. But they are executed faster than the Weekends. It is like you wake up on Monday morning and End to Sleep on Friday night.

We execute 120 Hours of Monday to Friday, much faster than 24 hours of Saturday.

Just think that you are lucky, if you dont feel the above.

However, i feel the same frangrance among all the people working for IT. Sometimes you will be free, as though you are in bench... and all of a sudden you will be amidst an avalanche of work.. not realizing where the hell it came from. Work is that inconsistant. (in terms of Volume)

But the Punniyavans who accounted Saturdays and Sundays as Holidays, I owe them a lot. And thank you MNCs for incorporating that.

"sani njaayiru kaadhil sonnadhu ennadhu
mishinellaam manidhargalaagach cholludhu"

Weekend is 4 days away..
Next Monday is 6 days from now.
God Damn it !


Prabhu said...

And..half the work time goes off in Blogging !!

Just kidding..Nice analysis :-)

revatechnic said...

very nicely put keerthi..
hahaha... yeah work is like super inconsistent sometimes.. i find myself like watching movie after movie sometimes.. and sometimes, i dun even have to see the mirror..


Narayanan Venkitu said...

My ex-employer in INdia...always had 5 day week..( though we used to work on Saturday..on our interest).!! Its a true blessing to have Sat/Sun Off.!!!

I am reading about the possiblity of 4 day week of 40 hours.!! 4 times 10.!! I am sure that will happen soon.!!

Arz000n said...

We execute 120 Hours of Monday to Friday,
120 hrs. :O
I bow theee!!

I will die if I work for that many hours :)

keerthi said...

prabhu, :) adhuvera idhule LOL .. as i told you.. im getting bored :(

revathi, :) "Super Inconsistent".. i like that word.

venkittu sir, It already has been implemented in many MNCs including mine.. (but politically it soesnt work fine.. you know what i mean)..

arz000n, We work 120 hours ? Did I say that.. oh.. ok probably you misread it. I said we execute 120 hourse faster than the 24 hours of Saturday. :)