Friday, March 31, 2006

Being Cyrus.. just the way i feared

This was the first time i was inside the Fame Adlabs theatre in Andheri. Quality theatre and the ticket counter asked me and my friend, if we were sure that we were above 18 years of age. I just smiled at him, and he nodded.

I was shocked when they played the National Anthem in the beginning of the movie. Im not sure about the use of it, but I know it existed in Chennai theatres too. Why was that removed ? hmm..

Then they screened Being Cyrus. Oh Holy Crap !

The movie is technically very good.. but has a very simple Illogical story. Tamil audience have seen it many times as a sub-movie(a flashback part in a movie). Im not sure if this kind of story telling is new to Bollywood, but I wasnt impressed.

The Director, Homi Adajania, has taken a very easy story and trusted it on Saif Ali Khan. He's got a very good acting skill, but that isnt very necessary in this movie. Dimple Kapadia, Naseerudin Shaw, Boman Irani and most of all Honey Chaya have acted their part well. Only unfortunately the story isnt that thirsty to suck out their potentials.

There are twists and turns in the movie. Intellgent audience will find easy-and-sloppy logical mistakes. The other normal mass like me will find it extremely confusing. This movie speaks English completely and some bad-words in Hindhi. The editing and camera works well.

The Soundtrack is the most awesome department in the movie. Amazing music in the background. World-class.

I get sick when some mediocre effort like Being Cyrus gets so much of attention. Just becuase the movie speaks english, and just because the movie is close to reality, it cant be called a great movie.

It is the Debut effort of the director. People ! Dont give him the wrong idea.. Fail him :)

If you remember my previous post, I read a review which said "Being Cyrus is an obsessive, inconclusive, disorderly, and strangely humane story about an outsider struggling to get inside himself. " - What the heck.. Either he went to a different movie, or I was out of minds.


Narayanan Venkitu said...


Can you or any of your friends tell me if they play the anthem anymore in any of the chennai theatres? Why..Why...Why?

I remember the days of National anthem at the end of the movie..but it slowly faded away.

Arz000n said...

This is the first post Im coming across on Being Cyrus...though havent seen any movie in Multiplexs out here in Mumbai...but was planning to catch up with this movie coming week, once I land up in Pune....

Nice review :)

And yes...dont know about mumbai...but they request everyone to stand up for Anthem at the start of the movie....which is a pretty good thing I believe.....they are bringing patriotism in theatres :D

keerthi said...

venkittu sir, I watched two movies here in mumbai. Both times they played the National anthem in the theatres.. Chennai, none.

arz00n, thanks. Patriotism ?

Shiv Shankar said...

I Liked being Cyrus ..its not a feel good masala entertainer this movie looks at a different angle of life ..its interesting , funny and well made !!

keerthi said...

no Shiv, there's no different angle of life.. do you really think so ?