Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Being Virus !

Any comments on the movie ? Am plannign to watch it this weekend.

I've read reviews of this movie, and they are not very interesting though. It says the movie has an Interesting twist. Who likes interesting twists anymore ?

One review says - "Being Cyrus is an obsessive, inconclusive, disorderly, and strangely humane story about an outsider struggling to get inside himself. ".. Damn, I hate these stuffs..

Other review says its a Black Humour.

Hmmp.. Even though tons of Sleazy movies get produced, a one or two like this regularly comes from Bollywood. Very good.

By the way, my colleague says Pattiyal is extra-ordinary. He says the Audience remains silent for the last 15 minutes, and the climax is very impressive. Well, thats adding to anxiety.. He also said, the movie somehow resembles Kuruthippunal.. Appdiyaa ?


Gladtomeetin said...

I have seen Pattiyal....The message and the theme is very good, worth watching once....though not in theatre !


Pattiyal is good.
Being cyrus , very well made, well narrated film.

keerthi said...

Gladtomeetin, thanks. Ill take your word :)

blogeswari (Your name is Logeswari ?), Being Cyrus paarkapoern.. parthuttu sollren. ;)

veda said...

heard that pattiyal has close resemblance to satya!!