Saturday, March 11, 2006

Peace of Mind

Just in case you did not read this, read it .. :)

Venu Krishnan came home early. He was atleast 45 minutes early to home. He never had the house key with him as, by everyday pattern, Savithri was earlier than him. Today she was running late. Venu was informed earlier about her delay, and Venu wasnt some husband who would curb his wife's freedom. Its been six months since they got married, and not a single day Savithri came late. That means I did not have much chances to see Venu acting like a dominant husband.

Next house people always had Venu's residence keys, and Vice versa. Madras is not as people think it is. Friendly people are everywhere. Venu felt strange opening the house doors, he hasnt done that for long. He felt at that moment that he has grown up dependant on Savithri, to a considerable extent. Strangely, it felt good to be dependant.

The house was looking strange to him, dull and suffocating. He quickly removed the socks and put on the light and fan.

All newspapers and coffee tumblers.. breakfast plates.. wet turkey towels.. all the mess that he had carved into neatness, in the morning. It wasnt that peaceful living room, it used to look every evening. He felt irritated and uncomfortable by the chaos. He wanted to fall into the sofa as he used to.. but quite a few things were occupying the sofa not giving him enough space to flush his tiredness.

"This is Sick" he thought. A man working for hours together comes home and he cant have his peace of mind ? "Damn my money".

He reluctantly cleaned up the mess. He wasnt happy doing that. But one good quality with Venu is that he completes things. I mean it. He completely cleaned up the sofa. Folded up the paper and put the utensils in the sink (he actually threw them with force.. he was not in his moods). The living room was now looking good, except for some dust on the floor. Their house is the corner plot. Venu, with patience swept the floor. He was sweating like a swine. There was some good feeling somewhere that appreciated his work. He thought he was a heck-of-a-worker.

He went and took a shower. It seemed the shower had a meaning and sense. He came out fresh. He thought worshipping God would be a nice thing to do right now. Trust me, all these things are strange to Venu's set of protocols. He then lit the Kamakshi vilakku. One straight pattai and a smile in front of the mirror. He looked different in the mirror.

Venu came back to the living room, which he has cleaned himself. He was proud of his cleaning. He fell into the Sofa and kicked the TV remote to action. He then switched to his music system and played his favourite music.

He was slowly getting hungry and angry. Self-pity is the worst form of feeling a man should ever get (its actually a feel-good factor sometimes). He was feeling that Savithri should have arranged something for him. But then, this is the first time its ever happened. So, he started looking for something in the kitchen. After a huge exploration, Venu got out of the kitchen with a big plate full of dishes, drink and a ketchup bottle.

He slammed the fridge door, and emptied a few trays. All set for whiling a few hours. He should have been starving for the day, and I hate to mention the way he ate today. Just imagine he ate badly, and emptied everything except the ketchup bottle.

Slowly to sleep. He slept for sometime on the sofa. He then woke up and read a few books, here and there... weekly magazines. A evening without Savithri was so much of Vaccuum, he never guessed it would be so.

He was not ready to wait for Savithri to come. He knew she had a key with her. So, he went to the bedroom, locking the front door from inside. Venu's day was over.

Couple of hours later, Savithri came in. She was frustrated to see the dirty looking Hall, with eatables lying all over, and their covers flying in the air. Coffee tumblers and wet water bottles. Magazines here and there.

This was the same living room she everyday gets to see.

"Pcch !" she said, with a deep sigh.


Vinesh said...

welcome to a woman's world!!
brilliant work buddy!

revatechnic said...

oh wow.. that was really fantastic.. loved this piece..

Akshaya said...

Really good. Excellent work buddy. The end is not like a usual expected stuff. Keep it up.

Ammu said...

nice one..
first time here
ur name making me to smile..

Prabu Karthik said...

man u really have what it takes to write cool stories, inum neraya eludhu

Anonymous said...

very nicely u have pictured the character of a guy!! :-)

After reading ur blog, the next day itself i came across a commuter(a working women)who was mentioning exactly the same character (about her husband and son)as depicted here.

Mathematics bashaila sollanumna "Thus Proved"!!!

-- Sanki