Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Ponniyin Selvan

Vallavarayan Vandhiyaththevan climbed on his vehicle. It looked like a Platform with a tiny podium, like a flat scooter with no tyres. It had a display over which Vandhiyaththevan made a thumb impression.

"Welcome Mr. Vandhiyathevan.. Where do you want to go today ?"

"Take me to Aazhvaarkkadiyan's residence. I need to be there for the Secret meeting.."

"Yes Mr. Vandhiyathevan. We might need to stop at the Mechs. I had communicated and ordered for a replacement battery. Approve ?"

"Alright.. But please make it quick. I need to be there at the meeting on time.."

"I understand.. It will be done in a giffy."

The Pushpaga Vimaanam (that was the sticker pasted on its hood) rose up to 80 feet, and whoozed into a flash.

Vanthiyathevan enjoyed the travel at this time of the day.. when the city was tired at homes with all the glittering lights. Very less traffic on the skies.

The software sounded... "Would you like to stop by at the near by Mc Donalds for a Happy Meal. One full square for just Rs. 120, Sir ?"

"No. Just take me to the place i wish to.. Damn you trial version vehicles. Is there a setting in you, i can turn off these Ads ?"

"Negative Sir. You could turn off these ads, by regisatering this product. Would you like to register now, or.."

"No. Stop that. Just drive the god damn thing.."

The Viamanam reached the Mech shop. There were no Humans there, as usual. The battery was replaced, and they drove out.

"Incoming message from Aazhvarkadiyan's residence. Read now ?"


"Its a parking instruction.. never mind. Its for me"

They descended and the ship travelled elsewhere to park itself.

It was a bloggers meet.



There was a huge spherical crystal ball. It was some kind of receiver, and display unit. It was a remote surveilance unit. They were surveiling over the Pazhuvettarayars conversation with Nandhini. The Crystal Ball was streaming videos from the sky-spy cams (like the ones that come in Deception point) hovering over Periya Pazhuvettarayars residence.

They both had cracked the plot that they were planning. Vandhiyathevan messaged to Sendhan Amudhan to come there.

Sendhan Amudhan was a veteran Blogger, whos blog had great hits.

Aazhvarkkadiyavan laid out their strategy.

"Sendhan amudhan will podcast the surveilance video on his blog. Everyone will link to it.. and we will bring a huge uprise..."


To Be Continued

PS : Just took out the name. No intention to pull the Novel.. Im a great fan of the book and the character names there.


akshaya said...

its really difficult to study and remember these name... kashtapaduthadinga pleaseeee

Arunram said...

Ha Keerthi, Great imagination man. Instead of the conventional Vandhiyathevan riding on a horse, your hero having all sorts of next generation gadgets flying over p.v controlled by software... :)))

Gladtomeetin said...

Hats of to ur imagination...Its coming well....

Keep writing :-))

Chakra Sampath said...

thats a good one matey!

Ravi Balasubramanian said...

Hats off to your imagination