Thursday, March 02, 2006

Post No . 500

There is always a subtle difference between a thought and a decision. Your mind/ body wont act by thoughts. It will act on decisions. Why am I saying this ? Because Im cut loose, and I've broken free and Im happy about the number that showed up on Blogger today morning. How many posts, so far ? 499.

I never thought I would write so much, and I never thought I could make it interesting enough (Now, Who told it was interesting, eh ?).

Thanks to my mom's early morning dark pure absolutely brilliant filter coffee, Im able to do this.

Thanks to your reading. And thanks for your comments.

We will go on..


thennavan said...

Ainooru aayiram aagattum. Aayiram paththaayiram aagattum and ippadiye vaLarattum, malarattum :-)

Prabhu said...


lazy said...

so do u write only in the early morning. btw, congrats on the 500 and that was a very good sketch.

VenkatRangan said...

Congrats dude and ur other blogspot is also very good.

Chakra Sampath said...

Go for 1000 & beyond!

Iris said...

pictures speak louder than words?
Are u suggesting that u will blog atleast till u have just one tooth left ???
Keep going:)

Jeevan said...

congrats Keethi. :)

keerthi said...

thennavan, thanks :)

prabhu, thanks :)

lazy, almost every post has been written early mornings. and thanks :)

venkatrangan, thank you :)

chakra, thanks ;)

iris, yes.. even i loose all but one tooth, i still will be young and smiling :)

jeevan, nandri nanba !

Usha said...
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Usha said...

That is really something to be proud of. Every one who blogs knows how tough it is to write each post and 500 already! wow, calls for a celebration - patent amma's filter Kaapi!
(Had to delete previous one because Kaapi aapi ayiduthu and after this morning's conversation I know better than to mess with Kaapi- right?)