Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Print ads and a stupid feeling

I like Print Ads that are very very intriguing and that are not direct to the point..

Last weekend I was hunting the best-of-best print Ads, and now my hard-disk has a huge collection of them. What will I do with them ? Simple.. show it to people who visit my computer room, and ask them if they understand, as if I created the Ad..

Its a stupid feeling.. For instance, I showed my friend some scenes from Hey Ram. The scene were Vasantha Mami, Bashyam Iyengar and Saketh Ram along with the driver, are going to Mythili's (Uppili Iyengar's daughter) house. Vasantha mami talks to Saketh Ram while going on the car, when all of a sudden the car jerks due to bad road.. and, Vasantha mami's reaction to that.. now, thats a class direction. I spotted various such scenes like this in the movie,I felt this pride and was smiling with a different feeling as if I myself have directed the film. (lets see if someone else has enjoyed this scene as much as i have done.. tell me the dialogue Vasantha mami says in this scene to the driver)

Getting back to the point.. I found this Ad from Unicef. See if you can appreciate the Ad.. If you share the same interest, email me.. there's a list of blogs you will need to visit.


Iris said...

I can realte to what u are saying here...
Something that may seem out of the worldly intruiging and fun and appreciable to you, dont even evoke an emotion in others...
I have wondered why. And I keep quiet assuming that others too must feel that way about something else..
But seems to happen very very rarely..like now:)
Or have i mis understood what u said?

BTW, I do like these creative, unique ways that people find, inorder to spread a message...But time is quite precious for me to check them all out. Ofcourse, u can post one of these things once in a while, when u are absolutely sure that it must be posted. I always felt that there are times when there are simply too many good things out there and it is a bad feeling when u are not able to enjoy all of it and share all of it. It is just as bad a feeling as not having anything good to enjoy?
What can u do but smile at this whole thing??:)
We can only do what u feel like:)

[as often i am finding inspirations from other blogs to create my own posts.. mostly for archiving's sake]

Iris said...

Happy Holi:)

Dreamchaser said...


I would like to know the links of blog that you visit to know about print media, if you can pass me a few to me ?

- Dreamchaser

D.N.A. said...

Is that SOS I'm seeing on the neck? Cool...