Monday, March 27, 2006

Sketch Up your Dreams

How long did you want to design a home of your dreams.. ? But, you have failed miserably with the rigid softwares like 3d home and many other things.. I had all those animation softwares from my friend.. but they are not as easy as the end product appears.. and are certainly not fun working with.

Now, here's relief to that. You just need the thought.. and a few simple mouse clicks and drags will build anything 3D.. just like how I've designed this house.. Well, I did not have proper breakfast.. kindly excuse me.

I used SketchUp (Sounds like Ketchup). This is the next Google Application that can easily rock your minds if you have the need. Go get it (Trial Version)

Not just houses, you can easily create 3D objects and apply textures and mend it with other photo editing applications. You could also export into .dwg files so that other Design applications can understand your creation. Perspective views are good.

31 MB.. If you have free internet, just give this a try. Get freaky. Send me your dream home.. Lets see how creative (or Wierd , whichever the case may be) you can get.

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Krithiga said...

I've had enough of 3D modelling with Pro-E and AutoCAD!! I tried SketchUp very reluctatnly and found it quite OK.