Thursday, March 16, 2006

Super Pulambal... sorry guys, for putting you through this.

I think I have the greatest ability to write stories, and as always, I think wrong. :)

In the blogs, I have been fascinated by people who write stories. I envy their flair and poise of Language and plot. I have this childish behaviour of doing what people are doing best. For instance, If Kamalhaasan's moush styles are very much impressive, then I will attempt to grow one like that. (Here's the proof )

So, after seeing great people on blogs write stories, I attempted to write some in the name of Story. Because of my inability to choose words, Characters and plots, I stand impotent to wite good stories which are in normal flow. So, I decided to write Short stories. And in those short stories, I've wanted to be different. Why ? Because tha would be a comfortable couch to hit on, in cases of Failure.

Here came the first one. TRANSFORMATIONS. This is still my favourite. Read it if you havent. Read slow. It is the transformation of a Human, who passes through different emotions on his birthday. There was hardly any feedback to this.

Then I wrote - The Essence of Friendship. This was about the Super-EGO and Friendship clumsily equated. This story turned out to be a Major flop. Venkittu sir, thought it was a real life incident and enquired what was wrong with my friends dad.

Happy Holidays !
This is a story (very small) that was well appreciated by a greater audience, that touched 3 or 4.

Then i wanted to cut this loose. I wrote Character Slaves. Just like Shankar, whos got the technique and wastes a movie for a technique... I had a very good plot, but couldnt expand it to a great story. It was appreciated for the attempt to write it that way.

There were few more stories, in between.

Then I wrote Untitled on first day, and Untitled Emotions on the second. I could feel the people who were thrilled ont he first day, were not much satisfied on the second day. Now at every stage I was learning. And did I improve ? No Way.

Despite all this Im still going to write stories and trouble you with this trash, now and then, simply because I like the way I end my stories, no matter how crap it is.
God Save you All !! :)


Prabu Karthik said...


i luv yr stories. keep writing more.

And another thing. audience is only a part of the whole writing process. not the be all and end all of writing.

i do feel some of my good posts have gone unnoticed while some of my ok, so-so posts have got attention.

Rhea Verma said...


I loved ur story Transfromation,unique concept & story.

You do have that knack.I am one of those who think just like you, that I dont have flair.But now i think i should try like u.

Keep Writing Stories, u write good

Krithiga said...

That's what blogs are for. To write whatever you wish to. And as Prabu says, some of the most sincere posts of mine hardly get any attention while the run of the mill one's are appreciated.

monu said...

hey keerthi
i think u write great stories..i loved that chracter slaves....
and the one about foreign chocolates..

and there is something about love....
I do something just because i love to do them, not because people tell me i am good..
it makes me feel real nice when people do recognize,
but even if they dont,
for the sake if my love,
i cant quit....

So carry on buddy....

Iris said...

I say: do something you love, you like and that makes u happy, without worrying about "how many audience" it attracts. I feel that that is more of a side effect. If u like what u create, it shouldn't matter what others say...
Hmmm...I guess that is exactly what u have tried to say in this post:)
Except that the title need not have been "super pulambal"...
Chin up dude... No one can be bad when they are doing what interests them..we all will find a way to get better...We will simply enjoy the process of getting better...who cares if we do get better? The fun is in trying! Do or die trying.. that's what i say!
Enjoy writing.

Me too said...

Yes, it is nice to get a pat(or otherwise) on the back for genuine efforts. But sometimes, one is so mesmerised that "verum kaathu dhaan varudhu"! ;)

Good job! Keep it up!!

keerthi said...

pk, thanks .. and you are right.. Audience is only a part.

rhea, thanks.. go ahead try and let me know.

krithika, :) .. yeah. Thats what blogs are for.

Gayathri, thanks. I will carry on.

iris, :) yeah.. thats what i meant. But after writing the post out, i felt it was like a huge Pulambal, thats why i named it like that. Thanks again. :)

aparna, see, you have a point. Thanks. :)