Sunday, March 26, 2006

Vadu Maanga is Super Star ??

Read the source here, or the gist here.

Vijay is the 'Super Star in Waiting' in Kollywood, said veteran director K Balachander.

The master director, who brought out the 'Super Star' in Rajinikanth, taking part in the audio release function of the devotional album Aanaimuganae Aarumuganae rendered by Shoba Chandrasekar (Vijay's mother), said 'Vijay has all it takes to become a super star. He is sought after by the masses'.

I understand there's already a War between Bala and others in the previous post on Sivaji (Ubayam : Thennavan). But soon after that, now i have a furious disagreement to make on this statement. K Balachander might have foreseen his disciples Rajinikanth and Kamalhaasan's future. But on Vijay, I think he might go wrong.

The way i see it, Vijay will loose himself if he follows the same trend.. He should not fear failures, for trying differently. People easily make lame excuses. I have heard that KS. Ravikumar has said "I made Puriyaadha Pudhir and Cheran-Paandiyan.. But people appreciated Cheran-Paandiyan much much better than the other. I understood the People's taste.. and so, I switched to Masala from then on..."

Same way, Viay fears to take risks on different roles. I wonder how long people will watch the same type of movies.. I can say the name of a movie by watching a scene. (Not bad, anyone can do it..) But Vijay's movies, off late, I simply cant guess which movie it belongs to. Same kind of intro songs..


However, this is just what i think. But I have seen high-spirit Vijay fans screaming and rejoicing their God. Thats a great factor for the making of a Superstar.

I dont have the math to disprove K Balachander. But I somehow feel, VIJAY CANT.


Prabhu said...

I hate this guy..same kinda "vaathu nadai"..and same "umna moonji" and "same love stories" with lengthy dialogues in the climax..
He better try out different roles like surya or vikram..Hope he learnt a lesson from aadhi's flop adi !

Karthikeyan Muthurajan said...

Aadhi's flop made hime to think and do some different stories. He doesn't have gutts to do things. And in Tamil cinema, always one can rule at a time. If rajni and Kamal films are released on a same date, only one film will be a hit. I dont see any time that both of the films were hit. Like that, when Ajith used his time in driving and other things, Vijay ruled and made some huge hits with stereo type films. Now, Ajith with illogical paramasivan made some buzz and tirupathi,godfather is waiting.
And also, it is difficult to have superstar after Rajni, bcos now we have lot of first level actors like Surya, Vikram.
I also agree your point.

Narayanan Venkitu said...

I just can't stand this guy Vijay.! Namma makkaL rasanai...Kadavule.!!

Bala (Karthik) said...

To me, this argument is like asking who screwed up Iraq more, Saddam Hussein or U.S.A.

P.S: While Rajini can act, Visay definitely can't!