Monday, April 10, 2006

Aarambichuttaangayya ! Aarambichuttaangayya !

Pic Ctsy - The Hindu

The DMK Don has begun his campaign from his ever favoutire Chepauk constituency.

I wish the Lok Paritran had contested here. Anyway, they are contesting in 1000 lights where the "Vito Corleone" is appearing.

More news on Lok Paritran's TN Election Agendas here.

Hey ! Stop.. look at this picture on the top. Look at the outstretched waving hands.. and look at the smile on Karunanidhi's face.

Lok Paritran ?


kannan said...

Vito Carleone..Ha Ha.. your comparison has no bounds ...good one. And thats a nice infor on LOk paritran..Wish I was in Chennai to vote this time. Atleast we NRIs should have an opportunity to vote through posts. hmmm


keerthi said...

kannan, dont you think its true ?
and voting though posts.. its highly debatable. can you reasonate ?

The Talkative Man said...

He has the smile of a Javed Miandad walking out to bat in his last ODI.
Poor Karu. he doesnt know Third Umpire Vaiko has already pressed the red light.

keerthi said...

the talkative man, You are dead right !!