Monday, April 03, 2006

Everyone is Someone's Fool

Nithya had a comfortable feeling looking at Ajay. She always had wanted to impress him. He is a cute guy. At 29 not many people look this young and handsome. To her, he was the dream man.. the Handsome.

Leela was Ajay's mom. She had to wait every night, before she sleeps. Ajay would come late and have his so-called dinner and sleep with his future worries. Ajay, who was Leela's pride had grown into her sense of tension and irritation. She wanted him to get married. "Let her wait for him.. he will be her headache then..". She had Nithya in her mind. Sweet girl.

Vishvat, the next door kid was always afraid of Ajay. The kid refrained from playing in Ajay's home whenever he was inside. Ajay would yell at him and commend him "Do this.. Dont do this".. No one's like Leela nani. To him Ajay uncle was a terror.

Very far away from them all was Kalyani aunty, the inevitable NRI relative of Ajay. She used to make a conversation with Ajay involved in it, whenever the topic was about education. Ajay was a State rank holder, and her daughter wasnt much of an educationalist. So, she would talk like.. "even such a great State Rank holder couldnt get a proper seat in college.. then think about Suchitra.. Education these days have become business..hai na ?".. To her Ajay was just a subject.

Prabhat Uchat was always with a proud smile, where-ever he takes Ajay with. He will introduce Ajay to any person. "State Rank Holder. Now working on the Top MNC.. what company is that, Ajay ?"... He wont remember the name Virtusa, no matter how many times Ajay told him. It wasnt important, however. Prabhat was also searching for a good girl for Ajay. Ajay was a proud trump card for Prabhat, which he will never throw off.

Suchitra (remember Kalyani Aunty ? Her daughter.. actually, Her dull-head daughter) never liked Ajay. he was just too much. Though Ajay didnt do anything intentionally, whatever he did will result in a ill-speech from ma. She would deliberately compare Suchitra with Ajay. "I give you better facillities than that Leela does to Ajay.. still you wont study.. Next mid-term.. i want marks.. otherwise ill slaughter you.. ".. Damn you Ajay. Damn you.

Randolph was six months old to India. "Has Ajay verified it ?".. "yes Sir, he has..".. "well then Go ahead !". He never doubts Ajay's works. And Ajay has never given a chance. He has been exuberant in his work. Smart chap. Randolph wanted to give Ajay a good raise this year. He wanted to keep him. He didnt want to loose such an employee. He should pay two resources for this volume of work in the US. Ajay was cheap and good.

Tamil girls easily fall for North indian guys. I have seen that happen. For example, Vishnupriya who was on a assignement to Pune for just 3 weeks, fell in love with Ajay. She will be proposing to him next friday. She will leave to Madurai, the next day. Happy or Sad, she couldnt predict. Hmm. Ajay.

Debarana couldnt even stand Ajay for a single minute. He has teased her in the beginning of college days. Then something happened and he fell in love with her. After that he has been mad after her. She openly cut him off, and started insulting him in public. He even misbehaved twice. She could only slap him ith her slippers. Ajay was an arrogant little trouble maker.

Ajay just thought about himself. Iam a creative person he thought, staring at the painting he had just finished. He then thought of defining himself by his attributes.. he was struck.

Ajay was now kneeling down in front of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. "Swamiji. Who Am I ? "...

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good and different but what happens to all those other people?

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