Friday, April 07, 2006

Google Talk Me !

Google Talk takes an upgrade. More features.. and you know how google leaps on upgrades.

The look and feel, all of a sudden looks much enhanced.

We still need the conference, and the Webcam feature. Thats all Google needs to incorporate, and them not doing this for long keeps me confused.

If you arent using Google Talk yet, I'd suggest you start using now.

Get Google Talk here.

You all know why i like google talk.. Speed. God Speed.

In Yahoo messenger, I get responses lapsed, and also very late.. It will be like answer the first question, when the second question is asked.

Their move to pull in more people to Google Chat is a half-success with the coming of Google Chat through GMail. It is difficult to pull in the majority of the public who believes in just Yahoo !

My friend was taught in a leading computer institute in Chennai, that internet means


Cute Indian Girl said...

Hi great blog

Gowri Sankar said...

Keerthi.. good write up...

News from Prasanna said...

Saw the Themes in Gtalk. Good one that too.