Friday, April 14, 2006

Kavi (means Kurangu in Tamil) Arangam

Howzaaat !! I opened MS Paint and a few strokes.. Black and Yellow splashes... I had successfully made a Karunanidhi.. Gawd.. Im creative. (Kashta kaalam.. hmm).

Blame it on Mumbai.. i was watching some TV yesterday.

I used to long for these occasions, early days. But you know, Plenty makes things unworthy (I wanna copyright protect this phrase ;).

Sun TV usually has Pattimandram. Solomon Pappayya is the Aasthaana judge, and it used to be a lively and interesting discussion forum. But off late, its just a comedy show. Raja comes and talks about his wife and then about Namitha, wins some claps and goes off.

Im not sure if yesterday had a similar Pattimandram, but i saw Vaali, Vairamuthu, Abdul Rahman and Pa. Vijay along with Karunanidhi on a Kavi Arangam. I was ignorant enough to assume that the program would be good. But a few lines from Pa. Vijay made me realize it was a cheap political meeting. They vehementally criticized Jayalalitha and the Govt, in poetic Tamil.

Read the story of yesterday, here, if you missed it on Sun TV.

Kavidhai Variyin Suvai, Artham Puriyum Varai :) All the poets were in high praise for Karunanidhi. It looked so cheap. Pay four poets and ask them to praise Karunanidhi, and buy votes. Frankly speaking, I have heard people praise Karunanidhi's Tamil, but I havent witnessed some extra-ordinary speeches from him. They were all too political. May be he spoke well, before i was born. I like Vaiko in that aspect. Sense or Non-sense.. the way he expresses is admirable. Straight to point.

I wonder when Sun TV will stop using the media for showscasing DMK. Im not against it. I dont want any media to be un-biassed. I like biassed news. But DMK is simply not worth for a media like Sun TV to patronize.


Nithya Swaminathan said...

tell me about it! given than the show had both Vaali and Vairamuthu speaking, added to that MK as a naduvar, i was expecting a real feast of tamil... what bullshit it turned out to be! a rather crass attempt at wooing the voters!

Gowri Sankar said...

In a few strokes you have made MK.. it is good..

lazygeek said...

keerthi, the strokes looks so nice. why don't you trademark it before i put it on the blog.

Narayanan Venkitu said...

I watched it last night...Shame I recorded it.!!

What a Propaganda.!! Shame on use a Kavi Arangam as a Propoganda Medium.!

BTW - Your strokes MK is superb..You are creative indeed !

TTM said...

You too Vaali?? Depressing...

WA said...

cool drawing

R.Vijay said...

May be you should have a look at AMMA T.V. as well.

keerthi said...

nithya, you said it.

gowri, nandri.. nandri.

lazy, i thought of it. But i was using MS Paint. You know me, i even put a avyukta logo anywhere possible.. ha ha. I will place it once im in chennai, and kiss my avyukta.

venkittu sir, thanks. And yes.. cheap propaganda.

ttm, Very depressing and disappointing.

Uma, thanks.

r.vijay, Iam watching AMMA TV. Equally pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Ah my google chat discovered friend.. nice blog u have.. loved every post

Prabu Karthik said...

Hey indha drawing rombo nalla irukku:) good one keep trying things like this often.

IMHO sun TV's propoganda has bcome a negative point for DMK. it has the reverse effect.

k thamizh is damn good. no question abt it.
its like a hacker's intelligence:)
very powerful , put to use for a destructive cause:)

i agree with yr view on Vaiko, very expressive.

Prabhu S said...

Yes, it was a shameful. The poets need not have stooped so shamelessely to MK publicly, even if they do support him earnestly.