Monday, April 17, 2006

The Nelson Manickam Road of London.

"Porambokku ! Bemani ! Orama poda !! Vootla sollittu vandhhuttiya ?"

"Ayye !! Moodhevi ! Signal vuzhundha naan yen Runwayla ninnuttu irukken.."


Click picture for the bigger version. You've gotta see this BIG. So Click and view it full, first.

I was doing this on Saturday night. Going places on Google Earth. Airports are always a fantacy, for me. I have visited almost all the big and interesting airports on this earth, of course through Google Earth.

And this view of Heathrow Airport, London was Whaaw !!

With all the cheap airways rushing into the Indian skies, We could find a similar surge of Air traffic soon on the domestic airports of India. Thanks, Air Deccan.

What change Reliance did to the algorithm of the mobile market, Air Deccan has done it on the Air Travels.

I wish someone changes the Plasma TV markets like this.. :)


Jeevan said...

Good one.

kannan said...

Well keerthi...these hardcoere DMK guys deserting "Thai Kazhagam" and joining ADMK - Is it a positive aspect for ADMK ? Well debabatable right? I have my fear that it my backfire ADMK...