Saturday, April 29, 2006

Sudarmani Jattigal

Aamir Khan is playing Ghajini in Hindhi.

AR Murugadoss is directing Aamir with the same bubbly Asin.

Music is by AR Rahman. Whaaw !

AR Mrugadoss did not do justice to Memento. He used just the Short-term memory loss as a punch-line to sell his movie... (Just like Shankar used MPD for Anniyan).

It will be interesting to see Aamir Khan act this.. He has shown versatality in DCH, Lagaan, Mangal Pandey and now RDB. BTW, hows Fanaa ?

AR Murugadoss anne, please correct your mistakes you made in Gajini, in the hindhi version. I will wait to see your corrected version. No Double Action villains for god's sake.


kannan said...

I hope its not Asin as the heroine. Well that double action villain really sucked big time. Well new directors are doing something new but a bit of reality is what is missing unlike kamal movies. Anyway...I did enjoy Ghajini for Surya..He rocked as Sanjay Ramaswamy


Fanaa hasnt been released yet. May 2006 la nnu kaelvi

"mene usko pehli baar dilli airport mein dekhaaaa" idudhan dialogue a

most tamizh films remade in Hindi dont work because of the story, screenplay. For eg. Nayak never worked in Hindi coz the bus sequence [students -vs- bus drivers], an ordinary man becoming a CM - these kinda concepts just dont work in Hindi

We have to wait and watch to see what kind of changes will be brought about in Hindi. A R Murugadoss nnu credit la mattumdaan title. Aamir daan direct pannuvar. Avaru Hindi kamalahaasan aache? naan, I, me, myself, mein types

Krithiga said...

"I hope its not Asin as the heroine. Well that double action villain really sucked big time."

Amen to that. Anyways, Memento rocked because of the narration technique, I am still cross with Murugadoss for taking that out. It would have been actually good if he had been more loyal to the original version.

kannan said...

@KRITHIGA...wouldnt that be a crime?

Krithiga said...

@Kannan: Being an anti-social is fun. Atleast when it comes to movies.