Tuesday, April 04, 2006

VV - Coming Soon Coming Late !

What is that i hear ?

Vettaiyadu Vilaiyadu wont be releasing as per dates. No April 7th and not even April 14th. Only close to May end. OMG ! Thats really bad.. the movie is been suffocating with many troubles ever since the beginning. And pushing the dates subsides the hype.

The Audio is already rocking, and "Manjal Veyyil" is played even in Mumbai. (Guess who plays it;).

I was telling my friends early on, when the movie shifted across various producers.. "Machchan ! neeyum naanum aalukku noothambadhu roova pottudhaan indha padaththai mudikkaum pola irukku.."

I see chances for that.


ada-paavi!!!! said...


Bala (Karthik) said...

Amaam Keerthi :(
May 12, May 19 ipadi ellam dates solrainga... onnum puriyale :(

"..., and "Manjal Veyyil" is played even in Mumbai. (Guess who plays it;)."
Where? Who? FM dhaane?

Jeevan said...

nalla padthuku thaan sothanai varum.

Venkat said...

Wow that is a truly hilarious post!
Keerthi, keep up the good ipodding (or whatever player you are using in bombay) and even I will shell out noothambadhu ruva for this film.