Sunday, May 21, 2006

+2 Results Today

I just witnessed a few tension filled faces. Today will change their future. Good Luck to all the +2 Students.

Here are a few reliable sites, where you can check results by 9.30 AM today.

I think the following is some load balancing activity..


kannan said...

Welcome back keerthi hope you had a good weekend. It just brings back the memory in 1986 and 1988 when I was waiting for my 10th and 12th results and those days there were no internet, got to wait outside the principal room for the writer of the school to come and announce the results. Me and my friends went to the school early morning 7 am itself and the results were out by 1 p only. Good that students nowadays can just know their result by only a click

Out off topic...indha vaara vikatanla..thalaivarin "anaya neruppu" padicheengala

Gowri Sankar said...

PK.. I am reminded of my +2 results which I checked in a Tamil News paper supplement.. incidentally a good student's number did not appear in the list... then things are history.

ElizaG said...

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