Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Blind Date (!)

Sathyam's Blind Date Yesterday was with "The Constant Gardener". As I had said on the Chennai Metroblog (Na.. Not the caste thing), Blind Dates can be devastating if they screen movies like this.

I personally liked the movie, but the entire audience were expecting FANAA ! or someother exciting movie. One Uncle guy got furious and started yelling at the MJ (on similar lines of VJ, DJ).

Talk of "The Constant Gardener". I've hardly heard about this movie. I usually read reviews, synopsis and then the snap-comment raised on RottenTomatoes before leaving for a movie (Did you know, Da Vinci Code is rated ROTTEN ?). But this movie, yesterday, was clueless and kept me concentrate on the story every frame. The Blind Date funda seems to be cool.

I was impressed by the performance of Rachel Weisz. I wasnt surprised to see her name on the Oscars today morning, while reading about this movie. This movie is excellent, although I wouldnt dare to reccomend it to someone I know. They will kill me before the interval.

Its a slow-paced, well-edited Virumandi style movie. Awesome Backround score (for which there is an Oscar Nomination in the bag). Alright, the Story. A low-grade British High Commisioner in Kenya has a over-enthu wife who with the help of a Kenyan Doctor traces the roots of Medical Corporations worldwide, who exploit the African population in the name of Research. The Medical Corporations claim $800 million or more in the name of R&D and patent cover. That will be the reason for the high rates of the drugs. But, they use cheap methods to do their R&D. African people are used for testing their drugs, which causes killings and so on.

Because of this report that might cause inconvenience to the Medical biggies, she is killed. Then the Hero traces and finds out the cause of her death. The most beautiful part is how the hero starts loving his wife after her death. Thats a poetry on this movie. They deserve 4 oscars for this movie.

There are rumours that the next week's Blind Date is TDVC !!


Villain said...

this my friend is one of the recent really well done movie... for a change.... i saw it only on netflix but still its awesome

Ghost Particle said...

superb movie to say the least.

Bala (Karthik) said...

Better than City OF Gods.....

keerthi said...

madhu, Home theatre will suffice.. but yes the music tracks will need a good sound system.. Damn good.

gp, true.

bala, COG paarthacha ? DVD ?

Ranganathan St. said...

appo Lord of War try pannu.