Thursday, May 11, 2006


I was one of the many two-wheeler drivers, who were standing close to the Anna Fly Over for nearly 15 minutes. After that life was better.. we started moving. We crossed Anna Arivalayam in 20 minutes.Thats a record time. Earlier it was 40 seconds.

People were all fed up. But no one Honked.. They all knew, they made two mistakes. One is a small mistake - They Voted bad. The other one is a huge mistake - taking the Mount Road to go fast on the result day.

This Man and his men, were on the Roads pleading for Votes. And today, he was in Arivaalayam celebrating, and the public suffering due to a Traffic Jam that he had caused.

Oh yeah.. democracy. He has his rights.


R.Vijay said...


You have forgotten the early 90's rule of "Amma" (hate to use that word, really spoils the true meaning). When she gets ready to dress up in the morning, traffic will be halted on the roads. Personally I have suffered. Atleast you waited for few minutes. I had been heldup for few hours. I am sure you will remember those days provided you don't have "long time memory loss".

ttm said...

I remember a day in Apr 1996(before elections) when Amma was campaigning - the bus stopped midway and I walked 2 junctions to my computer class in the summer heat.

Basically these kind of things will happen to us, whether the perpetrator is X or Y or Z.

It's high time we educated middle-class discern what *can* be solved and what cannot - instead of ranting time and again over things which wont change.

Narayanan Venkitu said...

I have always asked this question. Pardon me all 'Patriotic Desi's'!. Democracy doesn't stop with 'Elections'.

Is India a true democracy. Do we have the Freedom to do a few things..per the constitution?

If Law makers turn to Law breakers..?

Vande Mataram.?

keerthi said...

r.vijay, Unmaidhaan... but not now.. Ivar ippovum adhai pannrare !!

ttm, this situation can easily changed.. all we need is a media.

venkittu sir, :) how do i answer your questions ?

WA said...