Saturday, May 06, 2006

Kadamayai Sei ! Palanai Edhirpaarkkadhe !

Disclaimer : The mail is just a personal thought. It does not seduce you to any decision. Atleast, thats not the intention.


I had this Opinion Poll conducted recently. And it was an amazing experience to see a trend.

It doesn't tell me anything decisive. I am aware that the laptop opinions wont kiss the ballot box.
It is not our opinion that will change, its only our Vote that has the power to change.

Here's the result of the opinions from Internet users whom I know, and whom I'm linked with.

This is what they thought. I'm not sure if their thought will reflect a common-man's thought.
You will most certainly witness a result that would make this Ratio absurd.

But I'm sure, if everyone who responded here voted, a difference will be made.
A subtle change will be made if the politicians are aware that many people are coming to Vote.

Monday is not just a holiday.. Not a day you can relax.

I know we have all been bored with the "Its your Responsibility" dialogue.
Unfortunately, thats reality.

Try this.. It will be a hot sunny day on Monday. It will be sick to stand in the long queue.
It will be more than irritating to travel to a Polling booth thats awkwardly located.
BUT, I assure you, You will feel good, on your way back.

You will feel that You have participated, in the shout.

The shout that can change your Future.

Make sure you speak.


Keerthivasan Rajamani

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