Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Land of Insane !

"This Post is a work of pure fiction and has no correspondence to the historical facts pertaining to the Christian religion or the Church."

This will be the disclaimer that will appear on Indian Screens before screening the all-troublesome TDVC (Chella name for The Da Vinci Code). Only the word POST will be replaced by FILM.

The Central Board of Film Certification has declared that the movie can be released with the Disclaimer before and after the movie. More Insanity on your way.. the movie is certified A. I know kids from 14 who have completed all the four books of Dan Brown. Those kids can only watch Thiruttu DVDs. Pity them... They will miss a movie which will not have any Gross content or Adult Language, yet A Certified. English has a beautiful word to describe this - BULLSHIT.

Question 1 : Who are those people in the Christian Missionary to decide what kind of movie I should watch and not watch ?

Question 2 : Why is a Childish movie certified A, when it wont have Sexual Content, Violence and Language ?

Question 3 : What good will the Disclaimer do, if the movie were to insult the sentiments of the viewers ? (Talking of Disclaimers, Here's the disclaimer of Iruvar !)

Hmm. We can only sit ansd ask questions at the comfort of the Internet. I dont think a day is going to come when I can stop my ranting, or my questions answered. "Either ways, I dont give a Damn !". Thankfully, the CBFC did not remove all the scenes that contained reference to Jesus Christ. Otherwise, we could have seen just the opening and closing credits.

Hola, then. ! Happy News ! The Da Vinci Code is finally out of its box, and ready for you ! Are you going to watch ? How many of you raise your hands for "No.. the movie may not be as interesting as the book "?.. Ill tell you next week.

By the way, I have a prolonging Question 4. Why not Angelina Jolie for Sophie ? Audrey Tautou could be French, but No charm !


Lavanya said...

Nice write up Keerthi. The movie is based on the book. Anybody who has read this book will also know the controversies that go with it. So I feel the disclaimer is very much unnecessary. Also am very sure that more than 50% of the audience would have read the book already.
Hey...I read the disclaimer for Iruvar. TDVC's disclaimer is 100 times more acceptable than the one for Iruvar.

Krithiga said...

"By the way, I have a prolonging Question 4. Why not Angelina Jolie for Sophie ? Audrey Tautou could be French, but No charm !"

No charm with Angelina. Audrey Tautou makes perfect Sophie. Angelina Jolie's more like femme fatale. Not the intelligent charm, if you know what I mean. I do have a problem, though, with Tom Hanks as Robert Langdon.

Venkat said...

Perhaps because both the book and the film try to sell themselves as alternate bibles, when both don't know shit about the vatican or the church or the bible.

Nitin said...

i hear the movie is no good, does not do a decent job of immitating the book, and the direction is pathetic, but yet to see it, just writing wat i have heard.

keerthi said...

Lavanya, Nandri..

krithika, Padam paarthadhukku approm paarkalaam.. I think Hanks would have matched Langdon.. But for sure, not Sophie..

venkat, Yew !! I just went through the list of books you've mentioned as Favourites... Makes sense for you to talk like that.. But ignorant guys like me tend to believe the shit.

nitin, ill tell you the same after watching it.. hope to see it this week..