Saturday, May 13, 2006

Learn this word - VYAGYAANAM

"Wrong Campaigning has to be down to earth
Bad Name - Rural people wont understand the name..
Many areas uncovered - they need to make people aware of their party
No star participants - aadara maatai aadithan karakkanum - they need gimmicks
Useless Ideology - it should be more practical - needs reality"

Yeah yeah.. Lok Paritran.

These are few of the many complaints I heard / read in the few weeks that just went by. There is literally a fight going on here. Lots of arguements, in many places. Last friday a group was discussing this loud in Spoencer's Sangeetha. Even at my workplace.

Wait.. Does it make any sense, that these people (include me) start arguing about something that they have never been doing ? Whats the reason for the sudden surge ?

The youngsters whom I see arguing will not sit and write "Letters to Editor" or go to the media to express their thoughts, if not internet. Its just because they have access to internet, and they are intellectual enough to get exposed to Blogging and Commenting on Forums, that these many arguements are going on.

I was thrilled to see a party like Lok Pritran emerge. But I wasnt bold enough to join them. But many people around me did. It was like signing up for a free Google Service. Associating oneself into a political party, according to me, is not a joke. But already many people have signed up. I hope it will not result like, people signing up for a fancy email ID and ignoring it later, not using it at all.

Lets talk about various complaints on Lok Paritran. I have only one.

Lok Paritran's power is the educated society. And that is its biggest weakness.

People in DMK are ready to materialize whatever its Head says. But Lok Paritran members will ask questions. It may be good, but TRUST ME.. there will be opinion wars in between people inside the party. They will wage email wars. "Lets do it this way..."... "I beg to differ... but we have to do it this way".. "Aha ? Lets see.. you do it that way, Ill do it this way"..

Lok Paritran members will have Super-thoughts with Super-Ego. Lots of Ideas will pour in. "You should have done it like this.. ". But very little email-writers will come to the road and execute. "We are contributing, by giving ideas". Well, the party has ideas. They will need Funds to execute. They will need people in the weekdays to execute their ideas.

PEOPLE UNDERSTAND : Joining politics does not mean Administration. It means Service.

Service to the public. Thats what Parties are for. Be in power or not.. Can you Serve ? This is not a question I ask to the heads of Lok Paritran.. But a question to the ad-Hoc members of Lok Paritran. Dear Laptop carriers, WILL YOU COME TO MY STREET AND LISTEN TO MY PROBLEMS ?

Talk of the other Educated Society, who will stand outside the party and comment about it. (people like me).

They would have never even heard the term IDEOLOGY associated to any other party, but will find fault with Lok Paritran's Ideology. I saw people who argued with me about the Ideology of LP. My simple question to them "Do you know whats DMK's Ideology ?" - "No !" - "Have you voted for them ?" - "Yes, last time".

Makkale, there's only one thing I ask of you.

Its not my belief the IIT people are going to save this earth. We already have 14 MPs in the parliament who are MBA's from Universities around the world. We need not think that Educated People will save the society. It is that we need a powerful party that can make sounds.

But what we can do is, place our blind faith on Lok Paritran. Patronize them. Support them. It is important that we grow awareness among everyone we know about such a party. We need to work together to give Lok Partiran some kind of shape.

It looks clumsy to see intellectuals fight. May be, thats why educated society deserves very little.


Prabhu said...

I totally agree with you,Keerthi.
Its good that these guys got their deposits back.Let them pack bags now,earn some for their own with their qualifications,and do some social work/charity ,get acknowledged by public before they step into active politics,may be say in another decade.
We have "pazham potta politicians" with no/little educational background and these LP guys just cant get around for long carrying IIT tags.
Come on Guys, you got your education at tax payers money in a elite institute.Respect your degree ,invent something for the country,earn a place in people's heart,then get into politics.

Thanks !

Krithiga said...

I didn't vote. I never believed in their idealogy. As Keerthi says, it wasn't pragmatic. But it's not fair to ask them to quit it and invent things for the benefit of the society. They've taken the road less travelled. Things that I won't try with my life. So why don't we shut up and stop asking them quit and to prove theorems or invent robots?

"Its not my belief the IIT people are going to save this earth."

Let's not be prejudiced because they got into an instituition out of merit that none of us didn't manage to. And Prabhu says they studied out of tax-payer's money. What are you guys suggesting? No one should earn a degree from an elite instituition? Merely because there are tax payers around?

"We need not think that Educated People will save the society."

Wrong! Educated people and MBAs from around the World are creating employment, contributing to the Foreign Exchange, writing blogs and coding for Infosys - some things that parties that make "sound" are incapable of. Indirectly, that is "saving".

"It is that we need a powerful party that can make sounds."

Like we don't have enough already.

"May be, thats why educated society deserves very little."

Keerthi, this makes it sound like a pseudo-intellectual ranting. Just my 2 cents.

Rambo said...

Should i have to be worried about the source of income for LP guys ?
Are those LP supporters gonna feed them? These guys are very young, aged around 28,why cant they shape up their career and give back to the society like those IIT alumnis who give millions back to India.
I simply cant accept that they are in India for a change,and they going to boot corruption out of the country. Its prevalent everywhere.

Rajesh said...

I disagree with you. Dont you tell them what to do and what not. They have decided to get into politics and its their choice, and yeah abotu giving millions back to India : Did you mean to say giving millions back to Indian Politicians. Forget it man. Those days are over. Its time politians realize this or they better quit, coz there are so many educated energetic young minds around to question them.

Prabu : Are you crazy to say they educated using tax-payers money. Grow up man. The guys from IIT start preparing for it starting age 10 or 12. It is not easy cake.
They struggled for it and they deserve it. I say it is better than pouring millions on giving Security to those BJP bastards during yatra's.

Rambo.. said...


Reformist’ Lok Paritran party splits

Chennai, May 15: Lok Paritran, a party launched by some IITians and other educated youth vowing to usher in a clean administration, has split with four of its seven candidates, who contested in the recent elections, quitting the outfit.
The faction accused the “national leadership” with financial bungling and lack of transparency.

“We left Lok Paritran on Sunday in disgust after witnessing the favouritism shown to the Mylapore candidate Santhanagopalan, who was given all the financial support and workforce for the campaign. We got nothing by way of support. On the other hand, we were abused, humiliated and even threatened by our national leadership,” said K. Rajamany, the Anna Nagar candidate and an engineering consultant.

He alleged that he was first appointed treasurer of the party but was sacked when he asked for accounts. Though he got 11,665 votes, the party leadership chose to project Santhanagopalan as the star candidate despite his getting a mere 9,436 votes, he alleged. “The national president Tanmay Rajpurohit did not even thank the public who cast about 35,000 votes and there was not a single word of appreciation for the candidates,” said the second rebel member Mr. Elanthirumaran, who had unsuccessfully contested against DMK president M. Karunanidhi in Chepauk.

“In fact, the party president and state general secretary had said that Mr. Santhanagopalan would get huge public sympathy and win in Mylapore if I got beaten up contesting in the politically sensitive Chepauk,” he claimed.

He alleged that Mr. Rajpurohit had appointed him as the state president but Mr. Santhanagopalan later declared before the media that he held the post. To top it all, the national president “surprised all by simultaneously appointing Arvind Seshagiri as state president,” said the software professional. He said in the absence of any support from the party leadership, he was “forced to risk my life campaigning with just four friends in the tough Chepauk constituency.”

Mr. Ishrayel Maheshwar, the Thousand Lights candidate, alleged that Mr. Rajpurohit yelled at him and sacked him from the party just because he wanted to express his views about the party’s performance in the elections. He claimed that about half of the 700-odd members of Lok Paritran would quit and join the rebel group.

Rambo said...

@Rajesh :
Did you read the news ? Yeah ,they have split.Those educated have finer technical brains than to be on the field in the . They cant even hold their party together ,and difference of opinion cropped up just in the initial stages, forget about them..
just go your way minding your business !!AS they did.
Now for sure, they wud pack their bags to US or anywhere to see their own lives..

keerthi said...

Rambo !! is that a reliable news ?