Friday, May 26, 2006

No. 61... Present Sir

AIADMK Supremo Ms. J Jayalalitha stated that she will attend the Assembly from Saturday. This decision follows the suspension of the 60 MLAs of AIADMK from the Assembly due to disciplinary reasons.

Guts, you see. Thats what I admire about this person. One Full Assembly against One Woman. POWER !

சிங்கம் ஒன்று புறப்பட்டதே !!


Chenthil said...

Keerthi, you seem to believe too much into her antics. Also, she does have her allies MDMK 6, VC 2, with her and the Communist MLAs (about 18 in number) will not be against her. Even Congress MLAs will be subdued because tomorrow they might ally with her.

It is a preplanned move of hers. She has guts, accepted. But this singam build up is too much.

kannan said...

Well that was a rare pic...

Said and done..I admire her guts. She is a leader.

Jayvukku Jay

keerthi said...

chenthil, all said and done.. She has gone in with a Killer attitude.. "Thagiriyam Irundha, Ennai Suspend pannungada Paarpom !".. Singam ella konjam scenedhaan.. :)

Kannan, Leader ! Considering the global situation, Yes.. She is one perfect leader im seeing.

chidambaram said...

Keerthi do u know to Bsnl's new unlimited broadband plan. i just applied to that. they said plan change only on 1st june. waiting for that

keerthi said...

chidambram. thanks for the info. I spoke to BSNL help desk about it.. i feel it is costly, considering the No-Rent and No Free calls option for the landline bill..

have you applied for it ?

Surya said...

dude..are you serious?
She is a she rolled back all her policies just because she lost the LS 2004