Sunday, May 28, 2006

Social Concious - Fake it.

I was leaving late from work. As late as 3.30 in the morning.

I saw a few people working on the road.. they were the Poster-stickers. They were glueing the posters and applying it on the walls. They were working in the midnight to provide entertainment information to everyone in the morning.

I felt sad on seeing that scene. How pathetic their situation is.. ?

A few minutes on the drive away, I was having another question. Why did I feel sad ? It is very artificial for me to have worried about the poster-sticker. Im not that too good a person, to worry about some guy who is suffering.

Then I thought, Yeah.. we behave like this much too often. The Artificial person in you awakens and behaves like he is a Mother Teresa. He worries about Afghan killings.. He says "Cho Chweet" to the not-so cute babies. He appreciates people, even if it is junk. He talks and argues about environment and hygeine, which i think is not worth a discussion. And he also shows a worry when he sees poverty. Mighty Artificial.

This artificial person is groomed by the friends and neighbors we take and choose. This person fears comments and forces to think by others wavelength, who also have the same artifical impulse. Because this person fears to be straight-forward, he continues to think the same way.. and it will no longer be a forced thought. It will naturally be artificial. It will feel sad when Salman Khan kills a deer. WTF ?

In reality, I just worry that I should be leaving home early today.. unlike yesterday.

How about you ? You have this artificial impulses ? Or you are naturally good ? ;)


kannan said...

Can one escape from this keerthi? Everyone has that in him. Ullukulla thoongitrikara manithan - sometimes uncalled crops up. Probably its bcoz we convince ourself by feeling such way we will be blessed by god in appreciation of that.
Sort of a hypocrism right?

monu said...

Does your inaction towards the poster sticker's plight make you think that the caring soul within you is aritficial?

i strongly beleive that it is the conscience....

Conscience talks to us all day long, when you see poverty, your conscience might tell you to pity them..

you see a baby, it is not so cute, it is still a baby and your conscience tells you to love it for the innocence in its eyes..

you are about to do a mistake, a wrong thing, your conscience tells you it is wrong, and fills your heart with guilt... you feel the pain of guilt, but you mind will decide if you still want to do that deed or not..

you call it the artificial self, i call that the true self, the conscience where God resides and talks to us all day long...

And i beleive that if we keep ignoring our conscience, one day it voice would be reduced to such a whisper that we may not know that the conscience is still talking to us....

ofcourse, opinions differ and i just wanted to share mine..

Personal experience, i see someone in trouble, i feel sadness, because my conscience is asking me to do something about it, may be i can do something to change that person's plight, but my mind tells me that i have hundred worried of my own to look after, and i do nothing about that person in misery..

my conscience still talks to me and fills me with guilt and sadness, and my mind learns to deal with it .....

I am glad to feel this sudden sadness, for it tells me that i can still hear my conscience talk to me...

may be you conscience is also talking to you...

and may be someday, you may choose to not be inactiv..

Jacky said...

I see them as weak emotional impulses because it disturbs us just for that moment but later gets diluted in our day. Faking it is a different aspect, you might do it on a purpose to benefit something or to impress someone. That's bad.
In reality it's better to retain those weak impulses cuz when you see poverty like an old couple begging you'd at least give them more that what you normally do.

Bala (Karthik) said...

idhai thaan Sigmund Freud super ego nu sonnaar ["ego" not as in egocentric or head strong. he used it in a diff way]

Me too said...

When your heart says/feels, it is not artificial but when (only) your mouth does, it is.
And it is the worst feeling when your heart aches but can do little or nothing about it!

keerthi said...

Kannan, ullukkul manidhan ellam ok.. but how artificial we make him.. adhaan vishayam..

Monu, ill discuss it with you.. :)

jacky, we are not intentionally faking it.. we initially fake it with fear of comments.. later on, it becomes the natural way of thinking for it. Yeah.. somtimes it better be..

bala, Oho ! Endha book ?

aparna, :) Idhellam kavidhaikku nalla irukkum.. realityla Heartu mouthunnu solladheenga..

keerthi said...

BALA !!! asaththal profile picture ;)