Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Too Late,My Baby !

Q : What will happen to a man, who waits for a movie ?
A : Simple, He will die of disappointment.

Now that Seventh Channel has assured (My neighbour is calling them over phone every single day) the release of the movie, I thnk about how much I've grown along this movie. When the Movie was first announced, Lazygeek blogged about it. This was my comment (Thaangalai da saamy).

But Gautham needs an Obidient Actor, and Kamal needs a Silent Director. Lets see if the Polarities match.

And so it happened. Not just that. It went on beyond that. More and more troubles for the movie, in terms of weather, money and cast. But everything seemed to come along with the audio release.

I was sure the movie will be out by 7th April. Then 14th April. Then May 1st. Then May 5th. May 19th. And now June 2nd.


June 2nd or June 9th. Hmmp.

All the hypes seem to subside. Even though the songs are a hit (am i the only guy to tell this.. ? I dont find VV audio anywhere ) Iam quite doubtul of the impact the movie will make int he box-office. Iam loosing hope.

But tell me why, that excitement is still there... Yaheey !! June 2nd !!


Narayanan Venkitu said...

'cause its our beloved 'Kamal Thalaivar's' movie.

Feel sad about the publicity and the shortage or? whatever about the audio.!!

I sincerely hope that the movie should do good. Every Kalaignan needs a pat on the back to perform better and better. Kamal is the best in the world today ( pardon me Hollywood fans).! I wish him well. I'll watch it the first day here.!! god willing.!

deepa said...

Excitement is still there... Every week i chk satyam website for the movie release and wanted to book tickets on the first day..

the songs are HIT and no doubt in it. The day before audio release i saw atleast 20 ppl (including myself) in an hour asking for VV cd's in Landmark. Sure kamal and jo wud rock...

Ven said...

It is expected on June 6th

Bala (Karthik) said...

"Kamal is the best in the world today "
Narayanan Sir, kalakkitteenga!!

kannan said...

No doubts audio is a hit. I went to the extent of ordering the CD from UK (stop audio piracy), as i dont get tamil audio CDs in muscat market. Of course we do get cassettes. Believe me or not I am not exaggerating...I havent removed the CD out of my car set since i bought it...The songs just rock. I am sure this movie is going to rock and my expectations hasnt come down even a bit. My only worry is that i dont want one more producer (Thanu - the 1st one) pointing fingers at Kamal for the delay...Lets hope the movie gets release in June, as the feelers are it would

Prabu Karthik said...

VV audio was one of the better tracks i've listened in the recent past..

hmm. , kamal padam pathi post potrukkey i saw first comment and it was NV sir, and the second by deepa, i was thinking if soonapaana did not visit yr blog or busy as i scrolled down and then, there u go!!:)

Soonapaana comment illadha kamal posta?:)

Bala (Karthik) said...

PK :),
Naan late-a vandhaalum lateSHt-a varuven!!!

Anonymous said...

FYI it is gotham's movie and kamal is just acting in it.

keerthi said...

venkittu sir, Super sir. Naanum FDFS paarthuduven.

deepa, Question : Do you like "Uyirile Enadhu Uyirile" ? If no, I'd suggest you hear that one again. Attagaasamaana paattu.

ven, June 9th, for sure (and for sure for the fifth time ;)

bala, :) Ulaga Naayagannu Summanaachuma Sonnaanga ?

Kannan, people once addicted to Manjal Veyil cant easily get out of it. Sathiyam. :) I love the VV Audio !

PK, :) Soonapaana illadha Kamal Vishayame Kidayaadhu.. :P

ANON, You said it.

Zero said...

I think it's obvious Kamal didn't "interfere" in any way in this film's making and remained "just" as an actor (the GM interview at Sudhish's should serve as an explanation), like in say "Indian".
The delay I believe is purely coz of technical reasons and post-production imsais.