Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Back to TV

After nearly two years, one program has brought me back to television. Vijay TV Grandmaster. Guess you guys are aware of the program. If not, watch it every Monday to Thursday 9.30 PM on Vijay TV.

The show is about the contestant(wrong term) thinking of a famous personality, and the Quizmaster will ask a series of questions to Crack the name in his/her mind. We have done it in schools.. But this one is interesting, as we keep guessing along with the Quiz master.

Konal Vaai Gayathri Jeyaram hosts the show(Too many people on stage, other than the contestant). I dont understand why Gayathri is necessary on the show. I googled and found about the Malayalam speaking guy on the show, who makes the program very very interesting. Pradeep is his name. He anchors a "reverse Quiz" show, which means he asks questions to find out the answers. The name of the original show is Ashwamedham (Kairali TV).

Lazygeek had mentioned about Vijay TV slowly tasting the TRP. But these are just baby steps. They should take Giant leaps like Sun TV. Most of the shows on Vijay TV wraps around the interest of the elite public. More English nedi and a very posh culture. TRP wont buy that.


Jeevan said...

its an intersting show, nowdays the vijay tv programs are very nice esp Neya Naana? on sunday and Koffe with Suji.

Ram said...

That guy treis to speak SenThamizh, adhu ore comedyaa irukku, but the prog is nice