Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Game is on the 5th Gear

My interest on Sports is very limited. You should have guessed it from the picture that I made today morning, to make a post on the MOST-WANTED match of the series. Germany plays Argentina in the First Quarter Finals of the FIFA World Cup 2006. Whoever wins this match has a extra probability of kissing the cup. (What if France was there in the Anti Climax ?)

Im not a great fan of this game. All I know about it is "Few people struggle to reach their Goal.. and few people try and stop them". Sounds like a game of life. :) I havent closely observed any match in the series, but I took a sneak-peak here and there and understood where countries stand in terms of progress towards the Grand-Finale ! I knew this match was coming.

People everywhere are thrilled about this classic football match, with the war of the Titans. I really dont know about both the teams. My friends at work and other friends on Google Talk have been excited, and they cant wait to see this match. Seasonal behaviours, you know.

All of a sudden people talk about "No.. That guy shouldnt have been given a red card... ","2010 South African Fifa will have electronic Refree... ","Crespo Hernan will be on watch today...". While I dont understand most of the techie stuff of the sport, I just enjoy the way the tempo keeps pacing, as the teams progress ahead.

I bet on Argentina ! (an analytical guess..)


ada-paavi!!!! said...

i too bet on argi off field and germany on field :D

Ravi said...

Keerthi, yes! Today's match is being anticipated more than the finals! I guess this should be on of the best matches in this world-cup and being a Friday, am sure all would be glued to the TV sets!! Though I am also only as knowledgeable as you are in football, I tend to enjoy the craze associated with it - esp around this worldcup :-)

Echo/Lavanya said...

I am looking forward to this match as well. Have a bet with the husband - Germany winning 3-2.

raj said...

Germany is more likely to win because Argentines like to play with the ball more than actually scoring goals - though against weaker teams, their natural skills with the ball means they can exploit weaknesses. Against a strong team like Germany, it might work against them that they try to play a "beautiful passing games". Like a street thug, Germany might use force to disrobe 'beautiful' Argentina :-).

Brazil vs a Rejuvenated France is an equally mouth-watering fixture - though I suppose what that means is that unless both Brazil and Argentina go through, the subsequent matches will be unappetising - you know, it could be England vs France, than which nothing can be more boring (given that France play according to the level of the opponents - if they are brilliant like Brazil/Spain, they too play brilliant else they too play drab)

Aravind said...

winners of the Arg ger -match and the France- brazil match will be the eventual finalists..

Jacky said...

Argentina has to overcome a highly partisan crowd and that's not going to be easy.
I expect Germany to win.

Nitin said...

sorry, germany wins. hopefully finals is Brazil vs. Germany. England & Italy should be gone.

keerthi said...

aah ! Jacky, Raj, Lavanya ... Germany Won !! But that F****** Goal keeper screwed it all up.

raj, Yes.. Up next :)

aravind.. im with you ! Germany might lift the cup ?