Monday, June 19, 2006

Kadhayalla - Vidhai !

New Service - Wetpaint - So, New page -

Frankly, I did not have a utility for such a service. Wetpaint offers us a sub-domain with space and allows us create multiple pages within it. Its got some good templates and all that.

But the best feature (or just a feature) is that it allows anyone to edit the page and save it. Wikipedia like, you know. But I didnt have anything worth discussing like that. So, after creating a Username and password there, I was thinking of a utility. And ended up with this idea - Open-story Board. Something similar to Open Source codes :)

I have staged one story called "Void" there. It has begun and it needs to progress and end. Why dont you try continuing the story, or even go up to ending it.

Edit the page, Write One line and change the course of the story. Give turning points. Suspenses. Or drive it in any direction your imagination flies. Just drive.

Let us see how collective thoughts collaborate to write a story. I was told that this idea would stink and will vanish in air. I would have to agree after tomorrow.

Try it.

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Dimitar Vesselinov said...

Wetpaint = wikis
Blogtronix = wikis + blogs + social networking


(Disclosure: I'm involved with Blogtronix.)