Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Nothing Like Minima !

I tried all the possible templates for Blog-Avyukta, with Black backgrounds. Nothing suited as well as the base minima. So, settled back with the Usual Template.

It is sometimes scary to accept change. However, I need to replace the Horizontal Ruler on the top with a soothing mild "Izhai Kolam !"... somone have one ? Please send across.


PisaasWithPizazz said...

black background, somehow I feel, hurts my eyes. But some of my favortite blogs like urs and WA are with black background what to do

keerthi said...

hi Pisaas :)
I love black color.. and i agree it is hurting the eyes..

am planning to change the look and feel of avyukta. Though with a black background, it will have a touch of gray.. soothing the eyes.. lets see

Iris said...

eagerly awaiting the new look.
I will steal it if i like it(black is kind of a fav of mine)