Monday, June 12, 2006

One song @ Rs. 12

I've seen many people at work wearing their ear-phones and playing random Music from I dont like the idea of ear-phones, because (a.) of the itch it causes after sometime, and (b.) I feel the whole body should listen to the music. Not just the ears. If you want explanations, please visit my home-avyukta (he he !! See the picture) with Creative 5.1 :). Also I dont like because of the real media audio format. It is of inferior quality and it shows up clearly on my Creative Soundblaster. So, I always prefer MP3 or a Audio CD.

But since last week, has started of with a service called Digital Downloads. "Indhiya Web-site galil Mudhal Murayaaga" types. It provides Legal MP3 downloads. Thats a move well appreciated. This could possibly bring down piracy to some extent.

For those who get confused with the term "Legal MP3", and those who feel that having MP3 in Hard Disk or CD is fine, News to you - " Possessing an MP3 is NOT LEGAL " .

When is it Legal ?

a. When you own the Original Audio Diskette of the same MP3
b. You represent the Audio Band or the Company
c. When you have the MP3 the Audio Company has officially released

"It's a civil offense, punishable, if you distribute music that you don't own the rights to." - Wiki says so. So, just because you pay for a MP3 disc, it will not be a Legal Copy. It has to be officially sold by the company itself. Only then it becomes legal.

Alrighty then. Where do you get Legal MP3s for Tamil ? Raaga is the only answer as of now. Raaga has tied up with some Audio companies and continues its measure to bring moer Albums under Digital Downloads. The pricing as of now is Rs. 12 for one MP3 song. So, for One movie you could spend somewhere between Rs. 60 to Rs. 90.

Thats roughly the price of the Audio Disc itself. Mind you, and Audio Disc has more quality sound then a MP3. Of course, you guys know MP3 is a Lossy Compression technique, where some quality of the sound is sucked out of the file. The quality loss depends on the compression rate. What Raaga promises are MP3 files with 192K to 320K Compression rate, which is high quality MP3 (Higher the quality, higher the file size).

I dont have the first "Yogyadhai" to talk about piracy and stuffs, and nor Am I advicing you to take this feature from Raaga. This is just a FYI and will become a "FYI & A" if the prices come down. Say, Rs. 30 for one film. That should be fine, i guess.


Anonymous said...

Hi all,

new to this blog.. from singapore..

you could listen good mp3 songs with Altec Lansing speakers..

Iris said...

Hmm... Thanks for the Info...interesting.
But why should music be so highly priced? (software too)

Villain said...

well just anothe rFYI, itunes music store actually sells some tamil mp3... well AAC, thats of much better quality.. of course not at all affordable... its 99cents a song.. roughly 100 bucks a song.
maybe if they launch a india music store something could be done....
and again itunes doenst carry the latest songs.. just a few songs..\

and wait until u hear the real sound of mp3 on a really good mark levinson speakers... well just like what the anonymous above says... i did have a 6.1 set back home, and after coming down to US, i got myself one of those... the music is absolutely stunning.. well worth the 450$ i spent on the that system.

and other thing.. bose despite its popular advertisements.... it sucks.. dont go for it... not until u have a perfectly accoustically designed room.. dont go for it.

Ginu said...

Amazing system you have... what is the make?

Jeevan said...

The is also going to start download MP3 songs for Rs.15 a song, read in Hindu today.

Ram said...

They have to reduce the rate to 5 rs, else many ppl will not use this.