Thursday, June 15, 2006

Picasa Web Album

May be because Flickr was taken by Yahoo !, Google wanted a similar tool under its regime. It already had Picasa and Hello, and now it is making Picasa almost equivalent to Flickr.

The New Picasa feature called "Picasa Web Album" lets you have your pictures posted on a Web Album which has a free 250 MB space. The interface and other settings are very primitive and does not have the touch of Google. They will need to work on adding more features and provide a healthy interface.

It has the usual Slideshow and Zoom features, but when compared to Flickr the options are very minimal. Should have been my mistak to have installed the new feature with Flickr in mind.

By the way, the picture you see on my Picasa Web is the most beautiful face i saw in the last 12 days. Eric Bana's daughter in Munich. Cute. So very cute.


rasu said...

how was the movie?

i liked it very much... All of them acted well..

Eric Bana, Daniel Craig and etc..

Daniel Craig is Next 007

keerthi said...

rasu, Too good man.. Im getting to hate tamil movies, because of Spielberg.

rasu said...

already i stopped watching tamil movies... only selected like ullam ketkume, kanda naal mudhal, pattiyal, thirutu payale, chithiram pesuthadhi..etc

all these movies are does not have star value.. but good movies...

John Snow said...
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John Snow said...

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