Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Varnashrama Dharma - Part II

Forget Mandal II for the time-being. Let us play some modern algebra stuff. Some Imaginary stuff.. that will create no harm to emotions. Simple thoughts. Thats all.

For long, I have heard that the educated society hates the word Caste. Iam a little educated, but I think otherwise. Caste isnt a awkward word, if understood. Caste means "A social class separated from others by distinctions of hereditary rank, profession, or wealth."

Now mark my following words. This is blunt truth.

People categorized under various sections tend to group under a single roof. Once into a single roof, they tend to form groups and categorize themselves back again. People will want to abolish caste, and once when done, they will most certainly form something similar and start discriminating.

Varnashrama Dharma is not of much clarity to me. But as far as I understand, it was a device that cut the people cake into different flavours. "Based on the occupation of people" - isnt it ? I've heard and learnt that Varnashrama Dharma classified and unified people of similar profession into different Castes.

Let us assume that it is meaningless to have such a system, when people of that caste arent doing the same profession. Everyone is everywhere.

Let us now device a Varnashrama Dharma, based on the profession of people and then implement a Reservation on that. Reservation will work damn good then. I suggest Varnashrama Dharma II happens before Mandal II.

Agree ?

What are the castes that come into mind.. ? "Manager" caste. "Auto Rickshaw Driver" caste.

Give your imagination in the comments. Just dont give too much of emotion..


Prabhu said...

Dude,Arent we in 2006 ?

Iris said...

err.. well.. hmmm.. whatever!

now to the fun part.. :)

doesnt matter what the caste is, its what is done with it... I think it is a good practical implementation of vote bank politics...every politician causes a stir and rearranges the vote bank's contents...
Hey! that makes me want to ask... is politics a profession? governance may be a profession... but is politics a profession?
Reservation only works for the reserver not for the reserved or the unreserved... sad truth aint it?
Disclaimer: I have not read the news paper in 1.5 years or heard the news on tV or radio... so all that is said here is mere junk;)

keerthi said...

prabhu, Yes we are in 2006. Thats why !

Iris, Politics does need professionalism in it, but shouldnt be a profession as such. What say ?

Iris said...

U agree that governance is seperate from politics?
If so, then, i say politics should not be a profession.
Then assuming that it is not a profession, professionalism can do some good to it. I am Just trying to say that people there must be objective and should not make it a wealth accumulating venture... but is that possible? will they have time to make their own living and be a politician? ( note that i am not saying that some one in governance should keep their personal offices(and remain honest).. that may be too much to ask for..)
now i am not sure i understand what i am saying.. :)
can u rephrase what i said?