Monday, June 26, 2006


Making friendship, these days is quite easy. Just chat with a person a few more times, and you become pals. But something somewhere is Volatile. What ?

Yahoo Messenger with Voice
Raghu :
why dont we meet ?
Madhavan : sure.. its better we meet before i get cancer.
Raghu : What if you were a girl ? under a fake name.. what if you were building the entire six month chats for a meeting.. and head it up for something dangerous.. ? You know about my family details.. you know about my richness..
Madhavan : How many times do i have to tell you
Madhavan : Break lines.. and dont type a big sentence.
Madhavan : hold on.. let me read what you typed..
Raghu : leave the reply.. ill grab a coffee.. BRB.
Madhavan : yeah.. Dont get stuck up in that lift on your way back :)
Raghu : LOL

Madhavan and Raghu are AR Rahman fans.. and both of them like Naveen, the lead Flute player with Rahman. They got out of the common forum, where they virtually-met (or clicked each other) and began slow private chats. Eventually they became great pals. Both belonged to Chennai. They havent met each other, but seen each other's homes on Google Earth. They now know each other's details including CTCs.

Raghu : Back...
Raghu : So, What is your real name ? Madhavi ?
Madhavan : Dhoda !! no girl at my position would want a future manager. Girls hate to wait..
Raghu : Hmm.. right.. So when ? Where ? You decide.. Im not working this weekend..
Madhavan : But you are going to that boring birthday party on saturday, arent you ?
Raghu : oh yeah.. Sunday, then.
Madhavan : Baldy is calling me for a meeting.. will be back and tell you where..
Raghu : sure.. say my hi to Mr. Bald
Madhavan : hey... wait.. who's gonna pay ?
Raghu : :D... you are the rich guy ?
Madhavan : Lets call it off.. dont talk to me again !! ever...
Raghu : hmm... Dutch ?
Madhavan : sounds better .. :) BRB

Both were excited about the meeting. They have been chatting like thick pals for the past six months.. and they should have one helluva party, once they meet. Sunday it is.

Raghu had come to the restaurant 15 minutes in advance. He reserved a table and ordered a Pepsi. To Raghu, this meeting was seeming artificial from yesterday night. Madhavan was just coming in. He was all excited about this meeting. He saw Raghu waving hands from the corner table. Yeah.. Raghu.. at last.

"Heeeyy !"...
"Hai..." smiles.. smiles.
"You started already ?" .. Madhavan was pointing at Raghu's Pepsi.
"No.. i came a little early.. adhaan. Quenching my thirst.."
Raghu gave some time for Madhavan to settle down.. place his helmet.. and drink a glass of water.

"So...", Madhavan asked.
Raghu knew this was coming. What are we going to talk about ?

"Lets order first.. these guys take time in preparing stuffs.."
"Sure.. im damn hungry.. Ill order a ....mmm"
They went on and ordered somethings..

"Hmm.. approm.. vera enna visheshangal ?", Madhavan asked.
Raghu smiled.. "Nothing much.. same old things".
"How is mom, anu and hows the Veerabadhrar.. ?" Madhavan knew in detail about Raghu.
"They are all fine.. did i tell you about Veeru's new mannerism ?"...
"ha ha !! yeah.. you did.."
"How is your Neha ?"
"Hmm... dont ask me that.. you know why !!"
Raghu choked.. "alright..."

Food was served. It was quicker than expected.

"Wow.. tastes good. Superaa irukkuda"
"I know.. i love this place.."

They ate in silence. Raghu and Madhavan both didnt understand the silence.

"There is a new Google Spreadsheet application. you should try it.. will be very handy for project managers"
"Oh ! Really ? I havent tried... How do i ..."
"Ill send you an email about it.. sure.. its a good application"
"It is a new rumour.. very funny.. you should read it.. i will forward you tonight..."
"You know how to contact the guy who repaired your laptop.. Mine is giving trouble..."
"Ennachu ?"
"The DC power drains out faster... i even changed the battery. need to check.."
"Ill send him an email copying you.. he will get in touch with you.."
Raghu took photos of the lunch on his cell..
"Hey.. did you know.. people are getting arrested using Camera Phones on public.."
"Yeah.. read that one.. i think its a good move by the city police..."
"Send me these pictures.. You have Bluetooth on that ?"
"No.. Ill send it on a mail.."
"Ok.. send it to my office ID"

A lot of conversations in bits and pieces. Most of them ended in anyone of them promising to send emails. They were living more on mails than vocal cords.

They were waiting for the bill..
"Nothing much.. come home one day..."
"Sure.. neeyum vaada..."

In the parking lot....
"Fine.. then... ok... will Buzz you monday morning.."
"Sure.. dont forget those emails.."
"You too..."

Raghu on his way back, thought about the entire course. Madhavan came from nowhere. He isnt my friend, but we began talking like great pals.. we met for no reason... and whats the point ?

Yahoo Messenger with Voice
Madhavan :
You there pal ?
Raghu : Yep.... saw the pics...
Madhavan : Cool.... thanks for choosing that place.. it was fun meeting you..

Raghu smiled... he thought over for a long time. He then typed back

Raghu : Of course, it was fun... we should keep meeting.. :)


Saiparthasarathy said...

hmm...Making frienship,falling in love has become quite easy as u said.
"Oh Maria Oh Maria......"

Vijay Krishna said...

Good one.

As someone put it, "the Internet has enabled connections, but hampered relationships."

ANON said...

Sounds gayish...