Saturday, July 08, 2006

Aran - quickie

Major Ravi is the guy who appears in Alavandan as Menon ? He direct this movie Aran, casting Jeeva and Mohanlal. The pictures and trailers are promising. Thiru is the Cinematographer (remember Hey Ram).

There is one song, "Poonjolai Kiliye", where Joshua Sridhar stresses his necessity in the field. Sounds like a introduction song for a mega Serial, but very neat. Karthik and Asha have voices like Reynolds 040. Asha Menon has a very bright future in Tamilnadu, if she charges lesser than Sadhana Sargam !

Other songs are simply not worth a mention. Malayala Nedi..

I guess the story should be about a Pleasant Love at the midst of some Army Situation.

Dear Directors, Please think out of the box. There are a lot of youngsters who wont fall in love. They are all fed up with every single movie about a Love story. Think and make different stories. Not Different Love Stories. Different Stories. Please.


kannan said...

Dont you feel that caption "Mohanlal & Jeeva Mirattum" is a bit too much and doesnt fall into the class movie category

Mani Rathnam said...

Sure Sir..I'll do that, in my next movie

Jeevan said...

Aran should be a different story, looking forward to see the army action scenes.

Prabu Karthik said...

mirattum na adhu endha arthathile nu padam vandha dhaan theriyum :P

i agree to yr point. mudiyadha patshathile edhavadhu nalla english padatha base panniyavadhu edukalaam!!

Ravi said...

Keerthi, your last para was a real punch. I simply loved it :-)

keerthi said...

kannan, It was Mohanlal and Prabhu Mirattum Chiraichaalai for the first time.. but we will have to take it like what PK says.. :P

mani sir, appdeengala sir.. romba thanks sir.. :)

jeevan, dont expect too much.. but the director is an army guy.. so there is a possibility of some good action. Paarpom !

pk, coreet ma.

ravi, thanks.. What you see is what i feel !