Thursday, July 27, 2006

Camera Classes

Learning photography.

Sony DSC H5 allows a lot of manual intervention, in terms of focus and aperture. But I dont know why and when they should be used. So, am trying to learn them, with the help of my friend. Wikipedia has been very useful to understand terminologies. Feels good to learn Physics. Used to be the first chapters in Sixth Standard. Light !

None of them made sense then, and now they seem to. Most of them asked me the f Number, when I told them I got a new Camera. I was so ignorant, that I knew only the f Word, and not the f Number.

When you realize that you are not aware of something, do you get insecure in a place ? I dont know, you tell me.

I also have a mystic feeling of how people are so brilliant around me. They are new to something and quicker than sooner, they talk hi-end. For every concept or activity, there is a Novice level. Then you progress through various levels to reach Expert level. But, knowing just the techie words and their meanings make people talk like Experts when they are novice. May be they grasp quick. It becomes dangerously shameful to show yourself ignorant. You either talk your way out of the conversation, or do what I do the most. Blink.

Hmm.. forget that. Now,
What is SLR ? What is dSLR ? What is Aperture ? What is Optical Zoom ? What is Focus ?

Learn. Learn. Learn.


Iris said...

Dont lose yourself in theory:).. Enjoy... experiment...when you make mistakes you will be ready for theory.. then it will make sense.

keerthi said...

Yeah. It makes sense :P