Monday, July 24, 2006

Classic Actor - Vadivelu

Had been to Imsai Arasan this saturday. The movie wasnt funny. My friends had already warned me about the sluggish course of the movie. I usually dont take the risk of watching a movie which is reviewed poorly, except for a Kamalhaasan Movie. But this time, the instincts said I've gotta watch this movie. I shouldnt have missed it.

You shoudnt miss it too. Watch it !

The story is plain and simple. The comedy is mediocre. Direction is sloppy. Very lengthy. Irritating songs. And many more.

The Music is very good. I actually started listening to "aasai kanave" frequently after watching the movie. Mind you, the songs are very difficult to be composed like that, and Srikanth Deva has won in his effort. Special Appreciations to him.

And the Hero of the movie - Vadivelu. You guys know that I like Vadivelu next to Kamalhaasan. He is such a potential actor and is capable of acting any role given. Imsai Arasan may be easily overlooked as a movie where Vadivelu performs rib-tickling comedy. Actually, the movie is not a laugh-a-riot movie as most of the online reviews promises, and Vadivelu has not done much comedy. But the acting skill of Vadivelu is overflowing with a professional aroma. Throughout the movie, you will find Vadivelu on the screen, with very difficult dialogues spoken on a high pitch, with varied expressions.

Asathal ! It is impossible for many actors to perform like this.

Mr. Simbhudevan, for your directorial venture, this movie is a peak performance. But remember, you got a great banner to work under. I really admire the satires in the movie. "Akka Mala" and "Gapsi" campaigns.. "Caste War Play Ground".. and many more Nayyandis were very very novel. We need satires like this, and not irritating ones like what Sathyaraj does.

Question : Will the Government dare to give a best Actor award to Vadivelu ? This performance is equivalent to Pithamagan Vikram's. People who fail to see the similarity are blinded by emotions.

Hats off Vadivelu ! You've done a great job, than what you possibly could.


rasu said...

he acted well buddy..

i felt like but most of the places dialogue delivery was not good.. they mixed the dialogues with period film and local madras film...

vadivelu has done a good job... body language was too good.. how kind behaves, talks,...

well done vadivelu..

surely we can give award..

Ravi said...

Keerthi, though I have not watched this movie, I fully agree that Vadivelu is a great actor esp for this body language, face expressions and importantly his dialogue delivery (with the right aetham/erakkam and tonal modulation). I am glad there is atleast one person who felt as I did :-)

Narayanan Venkitu said...

I watched it 2 weeks back and I must say I liked it...wasn't great..but ok. Was able to laugh a little here and there.

Almost the entire theater was laughing for just about anything that Vadivelu did!

Nice attempt. I hope this creates a trend !

Karthick said...

Keerthi, I think music is by Sabesh -Murali & not Srikant Deva

Jeevan said...

My favorite comedyan is Vadivelu, after goundamani, i like to watch it soon, expect a good laugh form him. have plans to watch it on thursday, the music of this movie was done Sabash Murali, not srikanth deva.

Aravind said...

vadivelu range katirukaaru..
the dialogues were pretty funny sarcasm laden and sparkling at several points in the movie.
VS Raghavan saying "thiraikadhai la twins iruntha avanga inanidhey aganum"
Vadivel in the last dialogue "namma munnorgal Alexander ,"brave Heart" Mel gibson pola...."

prety good.

Jil Jil Jigardanda said...

heh, you like Vadivelu next to Kamalhassan, what have you been smoking. Please do not glorify his acting, he doesn't do too many things differently, its always the same expressions.

Krithiga said...

Same comment I left at Nandhu's blog:

The satire is v.v. amateurish. If you want *good* satires in Thamizh, go back to the days when Cho Ramaswamy was acting in films and plays.

Even in the little screen time he gets in his last screen appearance "Kaadhala Kaadhala", he manages to make a few *really clever* political allusions.

Cho rules. His Tughlaq play is evergreen. I've lost count of how many times I'd have heard the audio version.

May be Yuhi Sethu should have done the screen writing for this movie.

keerthi said...

rasu, you speak me :)

ravi, actually there are many. :) You should be somewhere in orkut, right ?

venkittu sir, It wasnt a great comedy feast. But what do you think about Vadivelu's acting ?

karthick, ada aamaa ! mannichikonga !! i'll change it. Thanks.

jeevan, let me know how you like it.

aravind, Brave Heart Mel Gibson !! I liked it.. It appears twice in the movie.

Jillu, You could have failed to notice his acting, when you see his comedy. His acting talent is proven, and i dont smoke :P

Krithika, I've seen MB Thuglaq so many times. Thanks to Raj TV. Satire nalla dhaan irukkum. Oththukkaren. But the Caste Satire in Imsai was taken well. You know how delicate it is to talk about caste, even on a chennai metroblog. I didnt find them amateurish. May be for a person who watches a lot of movies like you might find it childish.. it looked very neat to me. :) Let me know if you like the Satires Sathyaraj makes !

Kaps said...

sorry for nitpicking....the music is by Sabesh - Murali and not by Srikanth Deva.

Krithiga said...

Sathyaraj - if only he were to be a little less loud, it will work fine with me. He's good at spoofing. (I have a problem with anyone who yells and that's why I turn down V.velu) But you can't deny that Sathyaraj has panache. He needs to stand a little away from the microphone while recording.

Karthikeyan Muthurajan said...

Keerthi, Music is by Sabesh Murali not Srikanth Deva

Sivapriyan said...

Good review and observation about Vadivelu

saranya said...

I fully agree that Vadivelu is a great actor esp for this body language, face expressions and importantly his dialogue is very different.



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