Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Death of the Innocence

Does it make any sense to write a post on the internet Condemning the Mumbai Serial Blasts, ? Makes sense or not.. it is important to let out the anger.

Remorseless attitude.. Killing innocent lives for someone's purpose. Seven blasts cannot be overlooked as coincidence. This is a terrorist attack. How brutal is their plan ! Bombs detonated at the peak hour traffic. They want to kill more people. And they have.

There are extremists and there are terrorists. Extremists are the ones that fight for a purpose, and do anything to substantiate their stand. Terrorists are rogues. They dont have a purpose. They are cowards. They kill and fight to show their existance. They dont need anything to be done. They like fear implanted.

It is impossible to have a tight security control on the local trains, but the Railways will be forced to check the bags. Innocent public will have to face this and more. They will now have fear. Fear is a deadly disease. Not that it kills, but it takes off the peace of mind. No Train travellor will have a peace of mind till he gets out of the Killer-machine, which was just a train until yesterday.

What have they achieved by doing this ?

You ASSHOLE, whoever you are, who did this... You will not win.


Iris said...

Hopefully they wont win...
Yes it is important to let out anger and...

Anonymous said...

I will just like to list my name in protest as well.


P.S. Just a thought...I think by categorizing these attacks, we are giving them the grandeur and publicity that these inhumane beings are seeking.

indian said...


Follow the updates here

Lavanya said...

I strongly agree with whatever u have said Keerthi. So many innocent lives... May their souls rest in peace.

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Very scary indeed. I watched it all day today live on the Indian News Channels.

Yeah, fear is a bad disease. People have to live thru it I guess. India and most of the world ...all the world..has to become like Israel in Security..going forward..no other go.

It is difficult to put scanners in all the stations ! but there should be some way out..maybe a scanner at the entrance of each coach..!! who knows..!! something has to happen.

BTW - Shame on Mumbai RPF..!! and to some extent the Policemen..per the reports I saw on TV today. It was all PUBLIC who helped.!! Great People.!

Jeevan said...

first 9/11, then 7/7, now 7/11. at least their soul rest in peace.

Anonymous said...

How you are going to let out your anger...!

Are you a supporter of POTA act?

Do you know what happen to such an incident a decade before in the same mumbai...was the Ibrahim punished..!

Do you know what happen to Nalini who killed the PM(Rajiv Gandhi)...!(they are asking for their daughters education in India ..it may happen under Goverment scholarship also .. who knows!!

There is no proper justice for the crime....!

Those ASSHOLES will always win till that happens

-Navanee(your neighbor again)

Gowri Sankar said...

I am extremely sad at the loss of so much innocent lives.. what do these idiots achieve by killing so many innocent people... not only the people are killed.. their families and friends - everyone are suffering bcos of this dastardly act of assholes.. Whoever is behind these must be killed the same way they orchestraced these types of crimes...
Couple of my friends/their families are victims of this act...
Sachin Buddhisagar IRFCA Nasik Member(currently in Mumbai) had a close encounter.. he was walking on the Matunga Foot Over Bridge while the train on the station blew into pieces.. he fell down and somehow managed to report that he is OK.. he is so much struck on seeing the train and the people in it being killed... so much agony and pain...

May the departed souls rest in peace... their families cope up with the loss....and hope that the morons behind the blasts are killed mercilessly while trying to make another bomb.. I pray it blows up when they are making it... let them have a taste of their own medicine.......

Jacky said...

//You ASSHOLE, whoever you are, who did this... You will not win.//

Don't you think we are hearing this every time from different ppl after terror attacks?

priya said...

I will call them lunatics who have fear to come out of their walls and include other people in their fear.
/What have they achieved by doing this /

Being a saddist they feel happy and declare themselves winners.
They are not as we are humans who work together to build ourselves better.

keerthi said...

Iris, Theemayelaam Azhindhu Pom ! Thirumba Vaara.. Thanks for reminding.

Kajan, They cant do much with publicity.. they have to hide, and fear attention.

lavanya, Amen !

venkittu sir, I agree.. CRPF and Police were very passsive. But the public were so very helpful.

keerthi said...

jeevan, Amen !

Navanee, Idhayellam niruththave Mudiyadha !?

gowri, it was a shock to read the experience of your friend.. i cant imagine how it would have been to see it there. I wish whatever you said happens.

jacky, yes.. doesnt mean they are winning. Mumbai people are on the train travelling to places, already.

priya, Sadists !! We call them terrorists. Onnum v\periya vidhyasam illa.. they have weapons avlodhaan.. illaya ?