Monday, July 10, 2006

Embarrassment on the fly

On my ride back home, from work, it rained.

I got wet along with the 15 bikes and 30 to 40 people walking on the road. But as I progressed towards home, the rain stopped abruptly as if the valves were closed. As I accelerated heavily so that I can hit home, before the next shower.. the 15 bikes that got wet along with me began to detour. Heck, they were going to their own homes, and I was isolated on a empty road.

Clean road (thanks to the recent election). Trees on either sides of the road (Kilpauk Tank Road). No stopping my Activa that zapped at 75+. Imagine.. you are already wet, and wind against you... heaven is exacltly 2 Kms long.


Have you noticed the theory of insane accumulation.. When you are riding on a solitary road with nobody else to share the road, you will be surprised to see so many getting accumulated on a Signal at the end of the road.

It happened. A lot of bikes and cars, came from nowhere and accompanied me on that signal. Invariably, everyone looked at me, and quickly corrected their vision and began to stare.

I was wet, and they were not.

I could understand that.. but could they ? One Old Thatha, removed his spectacle and gazed at me. "whatever happened to this guy ?". I had different expressions to choose, but i wore the ignorant mask and began looking at the Red Signal.

When the color changed to Amber, I got an idea. Why dont i take a U turn, go back to the beginning of the road.. and revisit the heaven !! Another speed run. Another time. Same cool wind. It would be thorough fun.

Green.. !

Nah.. wont be as good as the first time.. I was going home.

Most of us know how to be happy. Only we dont choose to be. Is that to be called Irony ?

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priya said...

Hey, Ther is nothing to embarass. Ppl' must have envy'd coz you enjoyed those showers:-)))