Friday, July 21, 2006

Give him a Benz !

Have you ever Gifted someone something ? Who ? What ? Recollect the events ? Now, these questions are not what interest me. The question i'd like you to answer is How did you choose him that gift ?

To me it has always been a painful task to Gift. You should basically have a heart to Give. I am not sure how much good my heart is. Most of the times, I gift someone out of compulsion. Ideally, when you get an invitation, whether or not you visit the occasion you participate in the Gift Contribution (I dont like this word). It would look close to a punishment.

Also many feel that giving the money collected as it is as a gift would be an Insult. So, people are forced to buy an article for the money collected. This is where the intensity of insanity increases.

There are two types of Gifts - Useful things and Useless Things.

Ethical people tend to buy useful things. Say, a mixer-grinder for a wedding.. a branded formal shirt for a birthday and so on. However, they wouldnt dare to give a Needy Gift. Have you seen the Wallclock Gifts for Grahapravesam. The house wouldnt have that much walls to accomodate one per clock.

There is something these kind of people can do. If they really want their gift to be useful, they could be straigt forward and ask the friend / relative what they want or what might be of great use to them. But there is no charm in it, except that the money is spent properly.

Talking of Useless things, people buy a show case article worth a lot of money. I feel irritated buying them. They are of no use. Yet, they are long remembered. Trust me. Useful things are all perishable. But these Show-piece items keep telling your name. Like a small Venkatachalapathy from Divinity - Gold plated and all that would cost Rs. 900 and more. It would be smaller than the size of a pocket calendar. The Ceramic dolls are now the hot selling gifts. They easily get a "Cho Chweet" comment. Safe choice.

I've seen some people print in their invitations "No Gifts Please". But thats a delicate stand, and it stands very close to an insult. How would you go to a function or celebration with empty hands ?

I think the best solution to this problem is Not to think about it too much. There's always a Landmark Gift voucher.


Iris said...

give him something he likes
Give him something he will find uesful..
But i dont know what he needs or will find useful...
So i give him what i like:)
[your page is not allowing html tags in comments.. i intended to srike the first two lines out:)]

Vinesh said...

Horrible as this may sound, money is the best thing to give anyone to spend as they wish. Vouchers are a boon as they are a decent way of gifting money!

keerthi said...

iris, yeah.. it doesnt seem to work.. adhanaalenna paravaaillai. Purinjudhu !

vinesh, you are right mate. but wont that be a "forget it" gift ?