Sunday, July 30, 2006


I thought this blog was being overloaded with my photos and to predict the future, I guess my photos will need their own space. Hence, I planned to accomodate my photos on the photoshop Blog, and would continue to post photos there.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the All new redesigned Avyukta 2
(Thanks Blogger Templates)

It was a very good exercise Monday morning to change template and struggle.
I begin my mondays by thinking positively. The Worst is yet to come !


indianangel said...

Good Work Keerthi! Photos are all good and its high time that u start presenting these at a much bigger level

Adaengappa !! said...

Good effort keerthi !

Keep them coming more !!

Mridula said...

Hi....Just chanced upon your blog and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Especially your interest in our cultural values (write-up on traditional names).

This blog is dedicated for photos, do visit. My favourite -

PS: Me too a gr8 fan of Kamal and Jo

Krithiga said...

It could be just me, but I feel your this blog could do with a template change too. Black background makes reading tiresome.

keerthi said...

indianAngel, Thanks. Let me try and do that !

prabhu, thanks.

mridula, appadiya. Nandri :) Meen padam paarthen. Nalla irukku !

krithika, I could change the font color.. its not just you, but people have told me this. But more people have asked me to retain. Thats why im experimenting on the Other blog. Paarkalam !

Krithiga said...

I really am not affected - feed readers to my rescue. But a lot of people read it directly from the browser and black/blue backgrounds make it difficult for the eyes.