Thursday, July 06, 2006

Sperm run of Speculation !

How to make a breaking news from a Raw Information ? Here's a first lesson with Illustration.

Mango juice off CM's menu

There is intense speculation as to what kept Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi from attending the meeting organised to thank voters in his constituency, Chepauk, last week.

A glass of cold mango juice was found to be the culprit. He developed mild flu by evening. From now on, there will be no mango juice on his menu till the prolonged summer gets over, it is learnt.

Thanks to Hindu for the news. But this is no way to make news. Lets rephrase.

Karunanidhi Quits Drinking Mango Juice. (You know the long gone Subject Predicate formula !)

Let us go further. Generalize.

The Rising Sun denies Mango. (Udhaya Soorian, Maambazhaththai Niraagarikkiradhu !)

After generalizing, lets get specific.

DMK and PMK friction, rumoured.
Then add the masala flavour, and your Breaking News is ready. Just dont forget to add a question mark before you sell.

DMK - PMK Split ?

If you have this skill, you can start a newspaper by 11:00 AM today. You will be popular over the weekend, and a millionaire by next week. And most of all you will become a political Analyst by month end.

Iam. Already.


Prabu Karthik said...

chancey illa!!
absolutely true!!!

Adaengappa !! said...


Good one !

delphine said...

Hey, Very good. May be I should try it.

Jacky said...

NDTV – will have an sms poll where people get to say if mangoes are good for health.

CNN IBN – Rajdeep sardesai will go one step further and reveal how pesticides are present in mangoes, and how KK fell apart!

Sun TV –Kalaingyar methu kolai muyarchi.

Jaya TV – We will accept mangoes with a open heart. Ramadoss would be scratching his bald head.

And finally Dayanithi maran would hold a press conference to convey that Soniaji has promised to stop taking mangoes as per Kalaingyars advice.

Karthik S said...

Ramadoss will not only sorinjify his bald head but will instruct his Anbumani to fire all central/autonomous med. school heads to be fired because they didn't provide a surgeon general's warning on mangoes...

The Talkative Man said...

ur mutating into Muka's official press spokesman :-)

keerthi said...

Jacky, Kalakkal !! Nadandhaalum nadakkum !

Karthik s, LOL !

ttm, che che !! Im ADMK !